Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Anti-Semites and Their Amazing Technicolor Insights: Liar, Liar, City on Fire

The following site is a YouTube video of technicolor footage of the beginning of the London Blitz, which commenced on September 7, 1940.

The London Blitz, the aerial assault on London by Nazi Germany, had nothing to do with the Jews and nothing to do with the State of Israel.

I find it interesting, therefore, that an individual left the following comment on YouTube:

1 day ago 7
It wouldn't surprise me if Israel use this footage as proof of Palestinian mortar attacks, lol

As of September 7, 2010 the above comment was voted  the most popular comment, having garnered 7 approving votes.

The video depicts the actions of an aggressive, anti-Semitic nation state, Nazi Germany, attacking an ally of the United States.  The commenter's thoughts immediately transformed that dynamic into one depicting Israelis (Jews) as deceptive liars ("Jew lie," liar, liar, pants on fire") making false allegations of aggression against the innocent, nonaggressive Palestinians (or, speaking metaphorically -- or not so metaphorically -- Israel is paranoid and violent and makes false accusations against its innocent neighbors).

Yes, my friends, having been employed and later terminated by Akin Gump, I know what it is like to be "wiped off the map by the Iranians." lol


Gary Freedman said...

Also, check out LordDyhalto's YouTube page. He's a pro-Islamic anti-Semite.

Gary Freedman said...

Why on Earth does a YouTube video of the London blitz bring the anti-Semites out of the woodwork?

A question for Abe Foxman!