Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Need a Team

I suppose there are people who read the posts on this blog and wonder how I can go on and on about life's trivialities.  Not to mention the fact that most of the trivialities I write about happened twenty years ago.

But think about it. If I were in psychoanalysis, I would be talking to my analyst for 50 minutes, four to five times a week.  I would fill up my 50-minute hour with trivialities: most of which happened years ago.

Think of this blog as a kind of self-medication.  Some people drink or take drugs as a form of self-medication.  I don't drink and I don't take drugs.  I write a blog.  That's my self-medication.

"You need to go to like Vienna or something."  My luck--I didn't need to go to Vienna; Vienna came to me!


Gary Freedman said...

About my preoccupation with the past--

Freud wrote: "The unconscious, at all events, knows no time limit. The most important as well as the most peculiar character of psychic fixation consists in the fact that all impressions are on the one hand retained in the same form as they were received, and also in the forms that they have assumed in their further development. This state of affairs cannot be elucidated by any comparison from any other sphere. By virtue of this theory every former state of the memory content may thus be restored, even though all original relations have long been replaced by newer ones."

Gary Freedman said...

'Every outstanding personality brought up in the peculiar intellectual atmosphere of the law firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld lived ever after in a dialectical syncretism of love and hatred for that firm which offered splendid potentialities for the highest accomplishments, as well as the most stubborn resistance to their realization.'

Yes, my friends, Akin Gump was my Vienna.