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Letter to U.S. Secret Service: 2/26/96

February 26, 1996
3801 Connecticut Ave., NW #136
Washington, DC 20008-4530

Philip C. Leadroot
Special Agent
U.S. Secret Service

Dear Mr. Leadroot:

Further to my letter to the U.S. Secret Service dated February 21, 1996, I enclose the original versions of additional notes that I left in my apartment during the period late summer 1991- fall 1991, pursuant to my paranoid belief that apartment manager Elayne Wranik (and assistant manager Mal Eno) used to inspect the apartment daily and report the findings back to someone at Akin Gump.

Enclosed are a collection of handwritten notes that record my reactions to my meeting with Dennis M. Race and Malcolm Lassman that took place on the morning of Thursday October 24, 1991, days before my termination, on October 29, 1991. I must have left the notes in my apartment on Friday morning October 25, 1991. I previously forwarded a copy of the notes the FBI.

Also enclosed are some notes written on an American University Law School Alumni Directory, including a note about someone I knew in law school (LL.M. Program), named John Strzynski. You may contact John Strzynski at the indicated telephone number at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

Also enclosed is a handwritten note from Mal Eno regarding my rent payment for September 1991. The document might contain forensic evidence pertinent to Mal Eno.

Finally, enclosed is a parody of the TV show I, Claudius, which I left in my apartment during the summer of 1991.

Again, as with the previous submission all of the above documents (with the exception of the note from Mal Eno and possibly the American Law School Alumni Directory, which may have been handled by someone at AU) were handled only by me, and should contain forensic evidence pertaining only to me.

Problematic for the Secret Service is the fact that if Elaine Wranik saw any documents that contained threats on any Secret Service protectees, or saw any dangerous or deadly weapons in my apartment, she has a strong motive not to reveal what she saw since she was herself engaged in a crime: the repeated unlawful entry into my apartment.


Gary Freedman

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