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Letter to U.S. Secret Service: 5/15/95

May 15, 1995
3801 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20008-4530

Philip C. Leadroot
Special Agent
U.S. Secret Service
Washington Field Office
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Mr. Leadroot:

I feel duty bound to advise the U.S. Secret Service that if you had conducted a search of my residence you would have uncovered the following document: pages A25, A26, A29, and A30 of The Washington Post of Thursday January 21, 1993, reporting on the inauguration of President William J. Clinton. I have enclosed the subject document.

I want to assure the U.S. Secret Service that I saved the excerpt only because I admire President Clinton and wanted to retain a souvenir of the inauguration. On January 20, 1993 I videotaped television broadcasts of the inauguration of President Clinton; I later erased that videotape, in early December 1994. On Friday November 6, 1992 I videotaped television news reports concerning the selection by President-elect Clinton of Mr. Vernon Jordan to head Mr. Clinton's transition effort; I sent the videotape to my sister.

I want to advise the U.S. Secret Service that I performed none of the above-described acts with the intent to commit a crime of violence directed at any protectee of the U.S. Secret Service or anyone associated with a protectee. You are aware, however, that my medical records on file at the George Washington University Medical Center expressly state that I may have lied to conceal the severity of a psychotic mental disorder.  Jerry M. Wiener, Chairman of the Psychiatry Department and President of the American Psychiatric Association has reviewed this matter and has expressly refused in writing to alter the position that I lied in order to conceal a psychotic mental disorder, which, according to the Government of the District of Columbia, renders me potentially violent and an imminent threat to persons in my environment.

For your additional information I enclose a tape recording of a telephone conversation I had with my sister, Mrs. Estelle Jacobson, on August 19, 1993. I discuss with my sister a meeting I had earlier that day with Dr. Wiener. At the meeting Dr. Wiener stated his belief that my illness was of such seriousness that it had rendered me a "psychological cripple.” I also discuss with my sister the fact that my then treating psychiatrist, Suzanne M. Pitts, M.D., had considered having me admitted to GW as an in-patient, and had considered prescribing the drug Clozapine, an anti-psychotic medication of last resort that is administered to the most severely-disturbed patients.

It may be a matter of concern to the U.S. Secret Service that this same “psychological cripple” has in the past:

(a.) engaged in monitoring the activities of President William J. Clinton and one of his close associates;

(b.) been determined by his former direct supervisor to be possibly armed and homicidal;

(c.) been alleged (in sworn statements made under penalty of perjury) to be an imminent threat to persons in his environment by two attorney managers (Dennis M. Race, Esq. And Laurence J. Hoffman, Esq.) of one of the largest law firms in the country;

(d.) been determined by the Government of the District of Columbia to be potentially violent and an imminent threat to persons in his environment; and

(e.) been determined—with the approval of the President of the American Psychiatric Association—to have lied on psychological testing to conceal the existence of a debilitating mental illness.

Also enclosed is a computer disc that includes a recent letter that I wrote to my psychiatrist (dated May 8, 1995) as well as a slightly updated version of my autobiography, which I had previously provided to you. 1/

I remain available to assist you in any way possible and, as I stated previously, am willing to undergo polygraph testing or any psychiatric testing or evaluation that you might find helpful. My current treating psychiatrist at GW, Dr. Georgopoulos, continues to maintain that my illness is of such severity that it would be inappropriate at this time to pose even a very general inquiry to my former employer regarding the possibility of reinstating my employment, even under the relatively liberal provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Such are the tragic ravages of mental illness.


Gary Freedman
1/ Revisions to the text are at file “3” p. 10-12 (continuous pagination pp. 43-45); file “7” p. 8 (continuous pagination p. 110); and file “8” p. 14 (continuous pagination p. 134).


Gary Freedman said...

Clozapine is usually used as a last resort in patients that have not responded to other anti-psychotic treatments due to its danger of causing agranulocytosis as well as the costs of having to have blood tests continually during treatment. It is, however, one of the very effective anti-psychotic treatment choices. Patients are monitored weekly for the first six months. If there are no low counts the patient can be monitored every two weeks for an additional six months. Afterwards, the patient may qualify for every four week monitoring. Clozapine has numerous severe side effects including agranulocytosis, bowel infarction, seizures, myocarditis, and diabetes. Additionally, it also often causes less serious side effects such as sialorrhea and weight gain.

Gary Freedman said...

I believe that Dr. Pitts' recommendations in mid-August 1993 were in retaliation for the complaint I had lodged against her with the D.C. Medical Board:

Gary Freedman said...

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