Friday, March 09, 2012

Letter to U.S. Secret Service: 2/22/96

Where am I?  Is this a dream?  What in God's name is going on here?
     --Elaine Benes, Seinfeld, "The Chinese Restaurant."

February 22, 1996
3801 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20008-4530

Philip C. Leadroot
Special Agent
U.S. Secret Service
Washington Field Office

Dear Mr. Leadroot:

Enclosed are two additional letters, dated April 9, 1994 and April 23, 1994, to former House Speaker Tom Foley that refer to my “violent” or “homicidal” tendencies. These two letters precede the letter dated August 1994 that refers to my potential as a “mass murderer.” I do not know whether Mr. Foley reviewed this series of correspondence with any law enforcement authorities. His office did not respond to any of my correspondence.

Also, the letter dated April 9, 1994 is relevant to what the George Washington University claims is my poor psychological coping mechanism, an issue of special interest to the U.S. Secret Service.

The letters points out that my mother had died during my first year of law school (in January 1980) and I was then living on my own, totally alone, 3,000 miles away from home (for the first time after college). I have enclosed a copy of my law school transcript for courses completed in April 1980; one assumes that my poor psychological coping mechanism would be reflected in my law school performance. You will observe that the grades are: B- B+ A B+ B- (and a B in constitutional law, a course I took during the summer of 1980). My class standing at the end of the first year (1980) was top 15%.

What does GW mean when it says I do not appear to have a good psychological coping mechanism? You may find it interesting that not a single material claim made about my mental state or personality by either Akin Gump or GW can be substantiated.

What in God's name is going on here? The Secret Service has a right to know.


Gary Freedman