Monday, March 26, 2012

For the Chapter: My Life as a Sitcom!!

District of Columbia Department of Human Rights Finding of Fact 4(h) in employment discrimination complaint Freedman v. Akin, Gump, Hauer & Feld:

(h) On or about early August 1991 an employee, Lutheria Harrison, who at that time was assigned to a work cubicle adjacent to the Complainant, was talking to another employee, Beatrice Spates, about her July telephone bill, emphasizing the word at her desk, stated in a markedly audible tone of voice the children’s rhyme, “liar, liar, pants on fire.” On another occasion a brief time later, Lutheria Harrison, upon entering Chris Robertson’s office to attend a weekly Litigation Support staff meeting, sighed the Yiddish phrase, Oy, veh.”

Complainant told Messrs. Race and Lassman that he interpreted the word “July” as a homophone for the phrase “Jew Lie,” and that these anecdotes suggested that some of his coworkers may have had an anti-semitic animus. Mr. Lassman requested that Complainant provide additional anecdotes that might suggest an anti-Semitic bias by employees. In response to Mr. Lassman’s question, and not on Complainant’s initiative, Complainant mentioned that the mascot of the Litigation Support group was a pig. (At this point Mr. Lassman turned to Mr. Race and said, “Dennis, you’re not Jewish. Jews aren’t allowed to eat pork.”)

In point of fact, there is alternative authority under which Jews are permitted to eat pork.  The matter is clarified by the following dialogue from the Seinfeld episode, "The Airport."

Flight Attendant: Well, the only meal left is a kosher meal.

Elaine: Kosher meal? I don't want a kosher meal. I don't even know what a kosher meal is.

Passenger 1: I think it means when a Rabbi has inspected it, or something.

Passenger 2: No, no. It all has to do with the way they kill the pig.

Passenger 1: They don't eat pigs!

Passenger 2: They do if it's killed right-- under a Rabbi's supervision.


Gary Freedman said...

ASS'T U.S. ATTORNEY 1: They don't terminate employees unlawfully.

ASS'T U.S. ATTORNEY 2: They do if it's done right -- under a managing partner's supervision.

Gary Freedman said...

So Akin Gump is more concerned with complying with Jewish dietary law -- than complying with District and U.S. law.

Did anybody notice that?

Gary Freedman said...

Bob Strauss's Jewish background:

We would go over to Forth Worth, on the high holidays, and then I would go to one service occasionally with my mother. My father didn't even go to that. My mother felt her Judaism very, very much and wanted us to feel it, but she didn't worry about the fact that we didn't have it. I guess she thought we would acquire it. She gave me a feel for it, and it stood me in good stead. I think I had adequate balance. I ended up being President of the Reform Congregation -- one of the largest in the country -- in Dallas, Texas. I think it would have shocked a lot of people I met along the way growing up that I ended up head of a congregation. That wasn't because I contributed much to religious study or Judaism. They needed someone as head of the congregation who people had confidence in, and who had some leadership qualities. For what it was worth, that's what I did. I'm not sure they made a good choice, but I spent a year or two as president of that congregation. I didn't go to the services, I might add, which was sort of embarrassing with the rabbi.

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Gary Freedman said...

Friday July 28, 1989 I was in the AGSHF library cite checking the Craig Hall RICO brief for Merrill Spiegel:

JESSE RABEN: He's a lawyer, he can prove anything.

FREEDMAN: Well, Mr. Raben, now you're a lawyer and you can disprove anything!

Gary Freedman said...

AGSHF Management Committee: Idea of Reference