Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For the Chapter: They're Not Getting Away With This

In Sherri Warren’s files, there are copies of letters to legislators, investigative reports and news articles — all neatly indexed, tabbed and sorted in giant binders stored in a cedar chest next to her bed.

She also keeps a tattered cardboard box in her bedroom. It contains her brother’s blue backpack, navy hoodie, Jimi Hendrix visor and favorite work boots — and the sisal rope that was attached to the noose found around his neck.

Keith W. Warren was just 19 on July 31, 1986, when he was found suspended from a tree near the Silver Spring townhouse he shared with his sister and their mother, the late Mary Couey, a medical lab technician at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Police said the death was suicide, a finding that stands after numerous subsequent investigations and inquiries. His sister and other relatives think he was killed.

For 26 years, Sherri Warren has been on a quest to prove it, a quest that most recently left her hoping that a television documentary would generate enough renewed interest to trigger a new investigation. So far, it hasn't.
A dozen reviews have failed to convince her that justice has been done — and have failed to produce any closure.

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