Sunday, February 06, 2011

Parsifal: The Lone Woman

The role of Kundry in Wagner's Parsifal is that of a lone woman surrounded by men, but Waltraud Meier makes it the star turn in her performances of the opera. Known as volatile both onstage and off, Ms. Meier is suited to the part, propelling herself into it like a wide-bore, high-explosive cannon shell. Her singing of the role is fierce and fearless, all of it pertinent to the persona she represents. Ms. Meier gives all and takes risks, and her audience goes crazy for her.

Speaking metaphorically, Meier is like the lone female law partner in an all-male firm.  She needs to be fierce and fearless, all pertinent to the clients she represents.  She must give all and tackle risks.  


Gary Freedman said...

Believe me, I literally went crazy for the woman!

Gary Freedman said...

Waltraud Meier talks about the importance of attaching a meaning to the details:

Gary Freedman said...

I love the way Kundry screams at 2:10 on the YouTube video.