Friday, February 04, 2011

The Laundry Basket With All The Dirty Clothes: They Never Search There!

Falstaff, Act 2 Scene 2, by Giuseppe Verdi

The three women plot their strategy. Nanetta learns that her father plans to marry her with Dr. Caius, but all the women declare that that will not happen.  Mistress Quickly announces Falstaff's arrival, while Mistress Ford has a large hamper placed in readiness. Falstaff's attempts to seduce Alice with tales of his past glory are cut short, as Mistress Quickly reports the arrival of Master Ford. When the angry Ford and his friends appear with the aim of catching Falstaff red handed; he hides first behind a screen and then the ladies hide the knight in the hamper. In the meantime, Fenton and Nannetta have hidden behind the screen. Upon returning from their search for Falstaff, the men hear the sound of a kiss behind the screen. They think that they will at last grab Falstaff, but instead find Fenton, who is ordered by Ford to leave, in the meantime Falstaff has been complaining that he is sweating too much inside the hamper. When the men again proceed with the search, the women order the hamper to be thrown into the ditch through the window, where Falstaff is compelled to endure the jeers of the crowd.

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Gary Freedman said...

As Dr. Hirshfield would say, "It was like a scene from a comic opera."