Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sounds Like the Plot of an Alfred Hitchcock Movie!

To the Department of Homeland Security:

The following is an email message I sent to Secret Service Special Agent xxxxx xxxxxxx regarding the action of psychiatrists in falsely diagnosing me with paranoid schizophrenia, a severe and disabling psychotic mental illness. The Department of Homeland Security needs to investigate why psychiatrists would attempt to make me appear to be insane. A psychiatrist at the George Washington University Medical Center, Suzanne M. Pitts, M.D., tried to dope me up with a potent anti-psychotic medication only weeks after I filed the following pleading with the D.C. Department of Human Rights. Supposedly, according to GW, I suffered from a disabling psychotic mental illness when I wrote the following pleading.

Pleading that I filed with the D.C. Dept. Human Rights in July 1993:

Written Recommendation by Suzanne M. Pitts, M.D. that I take potent anti-psychotic medication in August 1993:

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To Secret Service Special Agent xxxxx xxxxxxx:

The following is the link to a letter I wrote to my then treating psychiatrist Dimitrios Georgopoulos, M.D., dated January 22, 1996. The letter discusses my paranoid fantasies about former President Clinton. President Clinton was eventually impeached three years later.

Gary Freedman
202 362 7064

On March 11, 1996, at a time when, according to Dimitrios Georgopoulos, M.D., I suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, I scored 6 nonperseverative errors on the Wisconsin Scales of Psychosis Proneness, the lowest meaningful score.  The score is inconsistent with psychotic mental illness.


Gary Freedman said...

Interesting psychological fact:

1. President Clinton's act of having sexual relations with a White House intern was, using psychological terminology, a boundary breach.

2. My fantasy about President Clinton in 1996 that he had received confidential mental health information about me via Akin Gump's senior managers was an allegation of a boundary breach.

It's all the same case!

Gary Freedman said...

Interestingly, the Petition for Reconsideration that I filed with the D.C. Dept. Human Rights in July 1993 contains (as appendices) documents that suggest that Dennis Race filed false sworn statements, a crime in the District of Columbia.

A few weeks later GW tried to dope me up with Haldol.

Just a coincidence, I'm sure. But how many coincidences does it take to suggest that we are not dealing with mere coincidence?

Did I mention the coincidence that the Director of the Department of Human Rights (Margie Utley) was disbarred a few years later for misappropriating estate funds?

Did I mention that in the fall of 1990 Vernon Jordan served as Mayor-elect Kelly's transition chairman?

So many coincidences!