Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do You Think I Can Get the U.S. Secret Service to Ban Me From the White House? I Sure Hope So!

President Obama and his family live in a large, two-storey white house on Pennsylvania Avenue, in the heart of Washington, DC.  The President's home is located adjacent to the Treasury Department building.

I have fantasies about President Obama, which I have described on this blog, My Daily Struggles.

As to the President's policies I have to say that I agree with the following sentiments: “President Obama, please start SCREAMING: I hate this freaking oil spill and will stop it myself if BP doesn't.....But you must scream when you say it so everybody (Carville, Mathews, Sekoff, et al) will know that you really, really care. I think many in the pundit class want a Daddy...instead of a president. Keep SCREAMING Mr.President...that way these Panicky Pundits will believe anything.”

Do I have a personal grudge against the President?  Yes, I do.  I disagree with his action in cutting $500 billion from the Medicare program.  I am a Medicare beneficiary, and I will be affected by those cuts.  I am very angry with the President about his actions, and I feel that he has harmed me with his wrong-headed policies.  I think about this issue day and night.

Incidentally, Vice-President Joseph Biden attends Mass at St. Patrick's Church or St. Joseph on the Brandywine Church, both parishes in the Diocese of Wilmington.

The D.C. Office of Corporation Counsel affirmed that my coworkers had genuine and credible fears that I might have been armed and extremely dangerous in August 1989.  My employer terminated my employment after the firm was advised by a nationally-renowned psychiatrist that I might be paranoid and potentially violent.

I wonder if the President knows (that I read the Wikipedia article about him)?


Gary Freedman said...

Well, it turns out it's not so easy to get yourself banned from the White House!

Gary Freedman said...

In fact, the cuts in Medicare do not affect me in the least.

Gary Freedman said...

The Secret Service sent two agents to my residence to interview me the following day, Nov. 18, 2010.

Gary Freedman said...

This post was intended as a parody of an interview the U.S. Marshal Service did of me on January 15, 2010.

A Deputy U.S. Marshal said he was concerned about my use of the word "screaming," the fact that I had revised a Wikipedia article, the fact that I disclosed the name of a house of worship where a federal offical was a member (information I got from the Internet), and the fact that I appeared to him to be an angry person.

Gary Freedman said...

The following web page discloses personal facts about Chief Justice John Roberts and his wife, including the identity of their house of worship.