Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Psychiatrist's Supervisor

My psychiatrist, Jitendra Annapareddy, M.D. is a third-year resident in training at the St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC.

Dr. Annapareddy's supervisor is Earle Baughman, M.D., Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, 1962. Psychiatric Residency: Vanderbilt University. Supervising and Training Analyst, Baltimore-Washington Psychoanalytic Institute; qualified in adolescent psychoanalysis. Diplomate, ABPN. Special interests: literature of the American South (William Faulkner, Ellen Gilchrist, Robert Penn Warren, Walker Percy, etc.).

I provided Dr. Baughman a copy of my book Significant Moments.  Reportedly, he was impressed by it.  My book was influenced by the writings of William Faulkner.

Faulkner once said: "The good artist believes that nobody is good enough to give him advice. He has supreme vanity. No matter how much he admires the old writer, he wants to beat him."  I might add: God help the psychiatrist who wants to give advice to a patient who happens to be an artist.

Coincidentally, Gilbert J. Rose, M.D., a psychoanalyst and writer on creativity, is the author of "Light in August": The Orchestration of Time in the Psychology of Artistic Style." Light in August is a novel by William Faulkner.

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Gary Freedman said...

Am I allowed to mention Ellen Gilchrist? Or will federal officers show up at my door?