Sunday, November 07, 2010

Akin Gump Connections

Maggie Sinnott, my supervisor at my former employer, Akin, Gump Strauss, Hauer & Feld, is a Facebook friend of Dawn Starr, Esq., an Akin Gump attorney.  When I worked at the firm, Dawn Starr's office was adjacent to that of A. Mark Goldberg, Esq. (not THE Mark Goldberg, but A. Mark Goldberg).  Goldberg and Starr used to go to lunch together on occasion.  Goldberg, Starr and I worked on the firm's ninth floor throughout the year 1990.

Goldberg and I (as well as former Akin Gump partners Earl L. Segal and David Callet) were Penn State graduates.

Goldberg was very friendly with Akin Gump manager Malcolm Lassman.  I remember on one occasion round about Halloween, I overheard Lassman say, "Goldberg and I are getting dressed up as nuns."  That's humorous because Lassman is of British extraction.  And the British are notoriously anti-Catholic.

Former Akin Gump associate Rich Wiedis is a Facebook friend of both Maggie Sinnott and Sinnott's former husband, Larry Tanenbaum -- also an Akin Gump partner.  When I worked at the firm Wiedis seemed to recognize me -- unaccountably.  I had nothing to do with him.

After he left Akin Gump Richard N. Wiedis served as Senior Trial Attorney, Fraud Section, Criminal Division, United States Department of Justice.  Interesting.

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Gary Freedman said...

Do you think Wiedis spotted me as a future racketeer?