Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Have Nothing to Hide: Can Akin Gump, GW, and Brian Brown Say the Same Thing?

To Deputy U.S. Marshal xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx:

I hereby waive my right to the privacy of my dwelling place located at 3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Apartment 136, Washington, DC 20008 under the laws and Constitution of the United States, including the Fourth Amendment . The United States Marshal and its deputies are hereby authorized to enter my dwelling place, unannounced, at any time of their choosing, on any day of the week, at any time of day. The United States Marshal and its deputies are hereby authorized to conduct a search of my dwelling place sufficient to satisfy themselves that I am not planning or have the means to carry out a violent felony. 

The District of Columbia has determined that my coworkers at the law firm of Akin, Gump, Struass, Hauer & Feld formed genuine and credible fears that I might have been armed and extremely dangerous in August 1989; Akin Gump's managers determined in October 1991 that I suffered from a psychiatric "disorder" that might dispose me to commit an act of violence; and my direct supervisor determined in October 1991 that I might have had plans to kill her, causing her to take protective measures against a homicidal assault I might commit.  The D.C. Superior Court and the D.C. Court of Appeals determined, applying a Fuentes test, Fuentes v. Perskie, 32 F.3d 759, 763 (3d Cir.1994) (quoting McDonnell Douglas Corp., 411 U.S. at 802, 93 S.Ct. at 1824) that all of the allegations made against me, including my potential for armed violence and homicide, were genuine, nondiscriminatory and worthy of credence. Freedman v. D.C. Department of Human Rights, D.C.C.A. no. 96-CV-961 (Sept. 1, 1998).

The manager of my apartment building is Kalimah Gordon. 

The rental agent of my apartment building is Ronda Thompson. 

The front desk manager is Rhonda Newton. 

The telephone number of my apartment building is 202 363 3800. 

Please contact me to make the necessary preparations for this arrangement. 

Gary Freedman 
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW 
Apartment 136 
Washington, DC 20008 

202 362 7064

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