Sunday, October 17, 2010

McClendon Center: New Psychiatrist

I have an appointment to see a new psychiatrist at the McClendon Center at 12:00 noon, Tuesday October 19, 2010.  Her name is Sarah Keiser MD, 202-745-0073.

Here's a list of psychiatrists I have consulted this year at the McClendon Center.

Jeremy Carpenter, M.D.

Umar Rahman, M.D.

Ben Bregman, M.D.

Sarah Keiser, M.D.

The McClendon Center is a disaster!   My chart at the McClendon Center states: "Client's paranoia and delusions led him to believe he was being harassed at work. He made a complaint that was investigated. Client was fired after the investigation contradicted his reports of harassment. Client stopped working at 37 after delusions interfered with his ability to work."  Tell me this isn't a fraud on the Social Security Administration and D.C. Medicaid.

I am what is known as a "professional patient."  I just get passed on from psychiatrist to psychiatrist; each doctor accepts as fact what the previous doctor wrote in my chart.  One-hundred thousand dollars in benefits,   then two-hundred thousand dollars in benefits -- until we reach a sum total of $500,000 in benefits.  And to think Medicare is paying for my "care" at this facility.  Basically, Social Security is paying a clinic to prepare a clinical chart that will prevent the U.S. Attorney from filing criminal charges against me for defrauding Social Security.  Multiply my case by the millions of active disability cases -- and that's billions of dollars.

But wait, there's more!  Now the U.S. Marshal Service has bought into this crap and the Justice Department has basically insured that it's smooth sailing for me.  Just keep sending out those checks!  


Gary Freedman said...

And to think that the Attorney General of the United States probably knows all about my case! This is just a total outrage!!!

Gary Freedman said...

To top it off the Justice Department sent two officers out to my house on January 15, 2010 to ask why I am angry -- and basically tell me that I have no right to be angry.

Where am I? Is this a dream? What in God's name is going on here?

Gary Freedman said...

What I find amusing is that most if not all the psychiatrists I have seen at McClendon are GW residents. GW is the same organization that was in a fraud and racketeering conspiracy with Akin Gump!