Friday, February 26, 2010

Harold P. Blum, M.D. and The Sigmund Freud Archives

Described as a man for all seasons, Harold P. Blum is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Supervising and Training Analyst at the Psychoanalytic Institute of the New York University Medical Center.

He is also the Executive Director of the Sigmund Freud Archives.

His service as editor of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association inspired readers and contributors alike as well as those fortunate to serve on editorial board during his tenure. Dr. Blum is recognized as a true Freud scholar and the author of significant and varied articles. His books include Defense and Resistance: Historical Perspectives and Current Concepts, (1985), Female Psychology: Contemporary Psychoanalytic Views (1977), and Reconstruction in Psychoanalysis: Childhood Revisited and Recreated (1994). He has been highly influential in psychoanalytic thought both in the United States and abroad.

I can recall that in the fall of 1994 Dr. Blum co-chaired a seminar with Stanley R. Palombo, M.D., my former treating psychiatrist, on a paper written by Erik H. Erikson, titled "The Dream Specimen of Psychoanalysis."


Kathy said...

Are Freud's love letters available somehow to read?


Gary Freedman said...

I don't know. Maybe you could do some research on the Internet.