Friday, September 13, 2013

Does Federal Law Enforcement Operate Like This? Now, Really!

Natalie Nichols
McClendon Center
Washington, DC

Ms. Nichols,

I met with nurse Sara Carroll this morning at about 11:40 am at the McClendon Center.  I asked why my consult was moved up from October 10, 2013 to September 12, 2013.  She explained that the McClendon Center had received a telephone call from "The US Marshals Service" voicing concerns about my mental state and that the clinic decided it was advisable that I see nurse Carroll today instead of a month from now.  Nurse Carroll had no more specific information about the reported communication from the USMS.  Nurse Carroll reinforced the fact that I suffer from severe mental illness, that I am unable to get along with people (as evidenced by my past employment problems) and that my last employer (Akin Gump) was fully justified in terminating my employment by reason of severe mental illness.

At about 1:30 PM today September 12, 2013 I telephoned Deputy U.S. Marshal xxxxx (DC US District Court) to find out any additional information about the matter.  As you may recall Mr. xxxxx interviewed me at my residence on January 15, 2010 as part of a risk assessment.  Mr. xxxxx said that the reported USMS concerns did not emanate from him or his office in DC.  He said it is possible that the USMS in some other jurisdiction contacted the McClendon Center.  I asked Mr. xxxxx if he wanted to meet with me "to touch bases" and he declined.  Mr. xxxxx can be reached at his office at 202 xxx xxxx.

I do want to state at this time that I do genuinely believe that I am committing a felony against the Government of the United States in violation of 42 USC 1011, Social Security Fraud.  I believe that I do not now nor have I ever suffered from a mental illness that would prevent me from working.  I routinely send out the following email message every month to the Office of US Attorney for the District of Columbia advising that I believe I am defrauding Social Security (with email copies to Mr. xxxxx, the FBI Washington Field Office and the General Counsel of the USMS).  I have never received a response to these emails from anyone and the US Attorney has not instituted a criminal investigation.
Gary Freedman Washington, DC 202 362 7064

Darrell Valdez, Esq.
Assistant U.S. Attorney
U.S. Department of Justice
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Valdez:

This email message (and its hyperlinks) will serve as my felony fraud certification for September 2013.  It appears that I am continuing to commit a felony against the government of the United States by defrauding the U.S. Social Security Administration of up to about $500,000 in public monies in violation of
42 USC 1011.  There is substantial evidence that I do not now nor have I ever suffered from an illness that would disqualify me from employment.

I respect the determination of the Government of the District of Columbia, however, that as of October 1991 I suffered from
a psychiatric disorder (consistent with schizophrenia) that rendered me a direct threat in the workplace, disqualifying me from the protections of The Americans With Disabilities Act -- an illness that, according to DC Government criteria, continues to the present.

The actual felony fraud certification, offered under penalty of prosecution for making false statements (under
42 USC 408), can be found at the following link:

I am available to assist the U.S. Department of Justice and The George Washington University Medical Center Medical Faculty Associates in any investigation of this matter.

Gary Freedman
Washington, DC

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