Saturday, September 28, 2013

Akin Gump Workplace Violence: Formal OSHA Query

Name :        Gary Freedman   
State :        District of Columbia   
Worker Type :        Private Employee or Employer
Phone Number :        202 362 7064   
E-Mail :   
Topic :        Regulations (Standards)   
Serial # :        36659402   
Question :       

1.  I work as a paralegal at a law firm where I am being subjected to verbal abuse including delusional and unfounded statements to the effect that I could be homicidal and violent.  I am subjected to defamatory statements and rumors that have damaged my reputation in the firm and that could ultimately affect my employment status.

2.  There is an OSHA powerpoint presentation on the Internet that says that the behaviors described above constitute "workplace violence" in the health care and social service work sector.

My questions are:

-- Does OSHA consider verbal abuse in the law firm sector to constitute "workplace violence?"

-- Are there any OSHA rules/regulations or any other written pronouncements issued by the agency that define verbal abuse as a form of "workplace violence" and that would subject a law firm employer to OSHA sanctions.

Thank you.

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