Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Need for Attention: Of Grandiose Narcisists and Victims

I had a consult with my psychiatrist this afternoon. I offered some comments about the U.S. Secret Service interview of me at my residence on November 18, 2010 that concerned a law enforcement matter.  My psychiatrist suggested that the Secret Service interview gratified my need to feel important. I can't say that I consciously feel important or that the Secret Service visit gratified any feelings of importance. I feel that I am a victim of crimes. I told the Secret Service that I believe I have been the victim of crimes and I asked the agents to make a criminal referral to the FBI.

It's interesting that I wrote a blog post in November 2009 that compared the victim's need for help, for recognition of his victimization, with the an individual's (narcissistic) need for confirmation of his feelings of specialness.


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