Tuesday, December 07, 2010

DOJ Interview 1/15/10: Idea of Reference

On Friday January 15, 2010 two officers from the U.S. Department of Justice interviewed me at my residence about a law enforcement matter.

The officers were concerned that, based on their reading of this blog, My Daily Struggles, I seemed to struggle with intense feelings of anger, and the officers wanted to know more about this.

An attorney named Dennis M. Race had terminated my employment in late October 1991.  You will note well that this blog does not contain any hostile or angry comments about Mr. Race.  In fact, I happened to admire the argyle socks Mr. Race was wearing the day he fired me.

But one of the officers said to me: "How would you respond to Dennis Race if you saw him, say, in a men's room?"

The officer's reference to a "men's room" seemed odd to me at that moment.  I thought, "what could he possibly mean by a reference to a men's room?"

I had an  immediate idea of reference or association to "men's room."  A blog post I had written on November 10, 2009 referred to a men's room in connection with a high-level Justice Department official.  Was that a mere coincidence?  The officer admitted that he had been reading my blog since the previous November, so he may well have read that post.


Later in the interview, in fact, after the interview, something interesting happened.  The officer asked me the names of people in my apartment building who I talked to.  I reported that I didn't talk to anyone, except a "Miss Fine," an elderly woman.  When I mentioned Miss Fine's name, the officer reflexed.

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