Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coded Language and The Brahms Violin Concerto

More on coded language in Poland: In the debate over the crosses at Auschwitz, right-wing publicists identified their political opponents and even some priests and bishops as "Jews," which came to be a code-word for anyone who advocated a culturally open, liberal, secular Poland.  Not only can one have anti-Semitism in the absence of Jews, but one can have anti-Semitism that is not even about Jews!

What is the point of this post?  Am I concerned with Heifetz or with Brahms?  Or neither?  Perhaps I am really communicating something about "Heifetz" but not Heifetz.  Or maybe something about "Brahms" but not Brahms.

Am I fond of Heifetz or am I fond of "Heifetz?"  Am I fond of Brahms or am I fond of "Brahms?"  Now my being fond of "Brahms" would be a little freaky -- since I am a Wagnerian.  Yes, I admit it, I am a "Jew" who is fond of Wagner.

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Gary Freedman said...

To the Powers that Be: Try proving that I'm not nuts!