Monday, December 12, 2011

Civil Rights Violation: Jury Duty Disqualification -- D.C. Superior Court -- 2000

June 15, 2000
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Apt. 136
Washington, DC  20008-4530

Robert Chapman, Esq.
Assistant U.S. Attorney
   for the District of Columbia
Washington, DC  20001

RE: Juror Disqualification -- D.C. Superior Court Petit Juror No. 401054

Dear Mr. Chapman:

This will advise the Office of U.S. Attorney that I was disqualified for jury duty by the D.C. Superior Court Juror Office on June 15, 2000, upon my presentation in person of the enclosed documents (see letter dated June 15, 2000 to Juror Office plus attachments).  The clerk declined to accept the documents.

The clerk's decision to disqualify, made in consultation with her supervisor, was based solely on the letter dated February 22, 1999 from Albert H. Taub, M.D. to the D.C. Board of Medicine (copy attached).

I affirm under penalty of perjury that the first generation photocopy of the "Juror Qualification Form," which I retain, is imprinted with the seal of the Superior Court and that the notation "Excused 6-15-00" was made by the Juror Office.

I further affirm under penalty of perjury that I did not fail to make available to the Juror Office evidence suggesting possible infirmities in the Superior Court disqualification decision: evidence contained in the enclosed documents.

I understand that a citizen, if qualified, has a constitutional right to serve on a jury.


Gary Freedman

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