Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hogan & Hartson -- Memo to Computer Applications Department

TO:  Espe Rebollar

FROM:  Gary Freedman

RE:  CHRYAIR Bates Labeling

DATE:  October 7, 1986

"Die unzulängliche ist hier Ereignis."

(The ever-unfinished is here completed.)

Chorus Mysticus
Final Scene, Faust, Part II, Goethe

In plain English, the Chrysler bates labeling is all done.

cc: SLF

Craig W. Dye had started his employment at Hogan & Hartson on Monday October 6, 1986.  The referenced task of bates-labeling all the Chrysler air bag documents had begun in May 1986; it took 5 months to complete.  There were hundreds of thousands of documents.  The billing partner on Chrysler was James Hourihan, Esq.

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