Friday, December 23, 2011

SSA Initial Claim -- Letter to RSA

June 1, 1993
3801 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC  20008

Ms. Fay E. Peterson
District of Columbia
Rehabilitation services Admin.
Disability Determination Division
P.O. Box 37608
Washington, DC  20013

RE: Disability Claim xxx-xx-xxxx

Dear Ms. Peterson:

Enclosed is a copy of a document that I recently prepared and submitted to my psychiatrist.  It is intended to apprise you of my current mental state.

I have formed the belief that my psychiatrist gave a copy of an earlier version of this document to my former employer, itself an apparently delusional belief.

Thank you.


Gary Freedman

My then treating psychiatrist was Suzanne M. Pitts, M.D. at the George Washington University Medical Center.  My long shot guess is that the transmitted document was a revised version of the following:

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