Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baker & Hostetler -- Job Inquiry -- 1992

September 14, 1992

Gary Freedman
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Apartment 136
Washington, DC  20008

Dear Mr. Freedman:

Thank you for your recent inquiry concerning employment opportunities as a legal assistant with Baker & Hostetler.

At the moment we do not have any openings on our legal assistant staff.  However, we will retain your resume and contact you in the event an appropriate vacancy becomes available.

On behalf of Baker & Hostetler, I thank you for your interest in our firm and I wish you much success as you pursue other opportunities in the paralegal field.

Very truly yours,

Irene M. Korsak
Legal Assistant Manager


Gary Freedman said...

While I was on extended unemployment compensation (June - November 1992) I was required to send out three resumes per week to prospective employers (total 78 job inquiries). I sent resumes to law firms inquiring into a paralegal position. I did not get a single interview.

Gary Freedman said...

Me and Monica Lewinsky: