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Did the U.S. Department of Justice Commit a Felony?

On Friday January 15, 2010 I was interviewed at my residence by two officers from the U.S. Department of Justice.  They voiced concern about the content and tone of this blog, My Daily Struggles.  In the fall of 2009 I had started to blog about my employment problems at the law firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, where I had worked as a paralegal from 1988 to 1991.  The officers were specifically concerned about what they saw as the anger expressed in my blog posts.

In addition to posting items on My Daily Struggles, I also post items on the social networking site,  The community adviser on TBD is Katherine Brennan (San Francisco).

I sent the following message to Katherine Brennan in the fall of 2009:

From Gary Freedman to Katherine
Sent Sep 20, 2009


I don't mean to alarm you, but some of the things I post on TBD are a little strange.

Please don't hesitate to contact the FBI about me. If you believe you have have reason to do so, contact Special Agent Andrew J. Castor at the Washington, DC Field Office of the FBI at (202) 278-2000. Special Agent Castor is the head of criminal investigations at the FBI Washington, DC Field Office.


P.S. Have a good week!
Katherine Brennan sent me the following reply:

Methinks this might be a clever means of advertising your contributions.

If not my response is, in the inimitable words of akabukowski, "Huh?"


It is my opinion that the purpose of the law enforcement interview conducted on January 15, 2010 was to harass and intimidate me, in violation of federal civil rights statutes. Specifically, I believe that the Justice Department attempted to intimidate me in the free exercise of my First Amendment right to free speech, a possible felony per 18 U.S.C. Section 241 (Conspiracy against Rights.)

My page on contains numerous quotations by a federal judge that I posted in October and November 2009.  The Justice Department claimed in mid-January 2010 that my references to that judge were of a threatening nature.  Katherine Brennan, who had been warned about the potential law enforcement problems associated with my posts in September 2009, did not see the slightest problem with my posts.

The TBD page states:

Last night my sister was talking about finger-printing. Gosh, I hope the FBI isn't after me.
Status posted by Gary Freedman Nov 17, 2009
"This is an unbelievable case." --Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle
Status posted by Gary Freedman Nov 17, 2009
"Who are the powers that be?"--Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle
Status posted by Gary Freedman Nov 2, 2009
"This is a case unlike any other case."--Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle
Status posted by Gary Freedman Oct 31, 2009
"There is a problem with this case. You've known about it for years. You've known about it since—" Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle
Status posted by Gary Freedman Oct 23, 2009
"This case is an outrage to me. I'm sorry. This is an outrage." -- Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle
Status posted by Gary Freedman Oct 23, 2009
"Sir, the facts can only get smaller, not bigger." -- Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle
Status posted by Gary Freedman Oct 22, 2009

Compare the following statement posted by an angry individual about the same federal judge in the year 2009.  Note that the statement is still on the Internet.  Did the Justice Department investigate this individual?

Stinkin “angry” judge over the govt holding a teen age terrorist for 6 1/2 years.....Hey you liberal rat bastard judge, how about getting angry when the little twerp tried to kill our U.S. soldiers. Guess that flies against your socialist pro-uzzlim, anti-American tendencies. The little bastard should have been swinging from a rope long ago. 2nd solution is to release him to you and make you financially accountable that if he bolts, we will make you pay up, say a million so. Socialist black robed liberal thug!!!
17 posted on Thursday, July 30, 2009 8:42:46 AM by rcrngroup

The following post on the same webpage discloses the location of the judge's residence:

To: Robert DeLong
Maybe she should purchase a house for him in her Cleveland Park neighborhood. Average home sales prices there are just a hair over $1 Million.
26 posted on Thursday, July 30, 2009 1:44:45 PM by ASA Vet


Gary Freedman said...

People who make illegal threats of violence don't tell their readers to contact the FBI and provide the telephone contact information for the head of criminal investigations!

Gary Freedman said...

You can see how my blogging activity, which began in the fall of 2009, coincided with my learning of the disposition of a case in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia:

"Sir, the facts can only get smaller, not bigger." -- Judge Ellen Segal HuvelleStatus posted by Gary Freedman Oct 22, 2009

Gary Freedman said...

Contemporaneous post on My Daily Struggles (October 27, 2009):

Gary Freedman said...

Here's what I wrote about this judge on November 3, 2007:

Gary Freedman said...


Gary Freedman said...

The following site contains personal information about Chief Justice John Roberts, including a description of his house and its location. The website identifies the house of worship attended by the Chief Justice.

Gary Freedman said...

"Takes sides early and never admits she's wrong. Abusive, petty, and tyrannical. If she decides your client is going to lose, she will go to incredible lengths to steer the case against him or her. A true discredit to the judiciary." --Ty Clevenger, Esq.

My response?

This judge has no tolerance for lawyers who come to court unprepared. And why should she?