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Social Security Document Submission: June 1993

[The following messages, most of which are nonsensical, raise a question as to why my sister continued to tolerate my communications throughout the year 1992. As far as I recall, she complained only once, in late September 1992. She said she was tired of getting these messages. She pointed out the fact that I had been faxing messages to my brother-in-law's office, and said: "Do you know who reads these messages? Aren't you at all concerned about strangers reading these messages in the office?" I said to my sister: "Do you want me to stop sending messages to you?" She remained silent

Page 81 of the Document Submission to Social Security, reproduced below, may be very significant

Page 74 of Social Security Document Submission

Dear Stell,

I want to let you in on how I thought of that last piece of junk about peer/non-peer interaction that I sent you.

Not that I know anything about chemistry [which is abundantly clear from this message!], but on Saturday, May 2, 1992 an image came into my head --chlorine gas. I thought “You mix it with sodium and you get Sodium Chloride (NaCl), common table salt. [That's not how you get NaCl, by the way.] You mix it with hydrogen chloride, which dissolved in water is hydrochloric acid. An acid and a salt, I kept thinking. But it’s all the same chlorine gas; it’s no different with the sodium than with the hydrogen.

Then I thought, “They say, ‘he must act different with some people than he acts with others, that’s why different people react differently toward him--that’s how he was able to pull the wool over Palombo’s eyes.’” But no, I thought. It’s like chlorine, it’s that same noxious yellow gas--but with sodium it’s a salt and with hydrogen it’s an acid.

Crazy, isn’t it?


Page 75 of Document Submission to the Social Security

Dear Stell,

This is an addendum to my “teachers” letter that I sent a while back.

When I went to Italy in 1978, one of the people on the tour, Dr. Goldman, a dentist from New York, went out of his way to befriend me. He went on the trip with his wife and his friend, Bernie Battan and his wife.

Wouldn’t you know, Dr. Goldman had been a professor of dentistry at Penn. I must give off some kind of signal.



Page 76 of Social Security Document Submission

Dear Stell,

There’s a little subtle humor here, which I won’t go into.


Lenin, out with Lenin,
Out with Reds and communes, and the Commissars,
There are profits to be made in samovars,
Now that we’ve wreaked havoc with the weak old clique.

Page 77 of Social Security Document Submission

Dear Stell,

You asked.


He’s got the Shiites blocked.
But sheikhs from Riyadh mock,
“Can’t log those flight hours over south Iraq!”
Can’t fly, can’t fly,
Warplanes are banned from Basra skies.


Page 78 of Social Security Document Submission

Dear Stell,

I’m thinking, maybe I’m like the half-Jewish Howard Stern.


Fired for anti-Semitism. I forgot to tell Malcolm Lassman that I’m only half-Jewish. Maybe he’d let me work 4 hours a day.




Pages 79-80 of Social Security Document Submission

Dear Stell,

I added material to paragraph 4 of the statement I mailed to you a short while back.

Akin Gump and GF: The Lyin’ and the Fox.



4. During a discussion with the then Legal Assistant Administrator, Ms. Margarita Babb, in June 1988, prior to being hired as a full-time legal assistant, I was advised that when the largely menial document coding assignment for the client Eastern Airline was completed, I would be assigned to the Legal Assistant group. In February 1990, however, as the flow of work on Eastern slowed, I was assigned to the Litigation Support group to continue the menial task of document coding rather than being assigned to substantive tasks in the Legal Assistant group. I did not protest the assignment to the litigation Support group because I was told by the Litigation Support Administrator, Ms. Christine Robertson, in February 1990, that a supervisory position within Litigation Support was, in Ms. Robertson’s words, “a distinct possibility” for me. Despite my excellent performance evaluations, a supervisory position in Litigation Support was never offered. Also, at the same time I was transferred to Litigation Support, in February 1990, Ms. Constance Brown, a supervisory legal assistant for whom I had been working on the Eastern matter, was also assigned to Litigation Support. A short time later, Ms. Brown was transferred from the Litigation Support group back to the legal assistant group under Ms. Maggie Sinnott and Mr. J.D. Neary. One would like to know whether Ms. Brown was reassigned from Litigation Support to the legal assistant group at her request and, if so, why she chose to be reassigned back to the legal assistant group. Assuming Ms. Brown requested to be reassigned to the legal assistant group, one would also like to know why Ms. Brown’s request for reassignment was granted, and why my request for reassignment to the legal assistant group was not. Indeed, my last request for reassignment to the legal assistant group, on October 23, 1991, was followed by my termination less than one week later.


Page 81 of Social Security Document Submission

Dear Stell,

Talk about looking back in time. . . .

My readings of certain sound waves, just reaching me now, tell me that there was probably a “big bang” in the vicinity of 1333 New Hampshire Avenue, Washington, DC, around March 31 or April 1, 1992, involving my former supervisor.



[Pat McNeil, an African-American co-worker in the litigation support group supervised by Chris Robertson was fired on April 9, 1992. Was this job termination the "big bang" that I refer to above? Was my recollection of the date on April 27, 1992 faulty? Was I picking up signals at the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library that something significant happened at Akin Gump on April 9, 1992? Keep in mind that I had no way of knowing what was occurring at Akin Gump.

Page 82 of Social Security Document Submission

Dear Stell,

You mentioned Strauss’ Elektra. Let me know if you want a video of that Strauss masterpiece and I’ll send it to you.

It is the story of Orestes who (with the help of his sister) seeks to avenge the wrong done to his father, the fearless leader, Agamemnon. The wrong was done by Klytemnestra and Aegisthes, who sought to do away with Agamemnon and rule in his place (apparently operating under the assumption, “Once he’s gone. . .). Just who the hell did those two think they were?

Page 83 of Social Security Document Submission

Dear Stell,

Check out the last paragraph, please.

(Also, do you know the con artist’s motto?

Use it or ruse it.)


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Gary Freedman said...

June 14, 1993
3801 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20008

Paul G. Yessler, MD
2501 Calvert Street, NW
Suite 101
Washington, DC 20008

RE: Social Security Disability Psychiatric Evaluation

Dear Dr. Yessler:

Enclosed with respect to the above-referenced matter is a collection of letters I wrote and sent (by mail or fax) to my sister after my job termination on October 29, 1991 and before the filing of a disability claim with the Social Security Administration. Most of the letters were in fact written and sent in the year 1992.

I wrote the letters under the influence of my belief that my sister was in communication with my former employer, Akin Gump, and that my sister, upon receipt of the letters, would transmit the letters by fax communication back to managers of Akin Gump.

Both the writing and sending of the letters together with the content of the letters establish the persistence of seemingly paranoid ideation throughout the period beginning October 29, 1991. The letters deal, among other issues, with my concerns regarding harassment by Akin Gump co-workers; harassing (and anti-Semitic) telephone calls I received during 1991 and 1992; my belief that various of my treating psychiatrists were in communication with my former employer; the belief that librarians at the Cleveland Park Public Library (referred to as "the Club") harassed me; my belief that a clerk at a Giant Supermarket in my neighborhood (Adam) harassed me concerning my friendship with Craig Dye; my belief that a specialist at the Brookings Institution (Stephen Hess) was in communication with my former employer; the belief that it was not a mere accident that my former supervisor, Christine Robertson, had me touch her breasts, etc.

Please forward these materials to:

Ms. Fay Peterson
District of Columbia
Rehabilitation Services Administration
Disability Determination Division
P.O. Box 37608
Washington, DC 20013

If you have any questions, you may contact me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx (or leave messages at xxx xxx-xxxx). Might I suggest a follow-up evaluation consult?

You may contact my sister, Mrs. Estelle Jacobson, at (609) 727-3295.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely ,

Gary Freedman

The above cover letter transmitted a document production of approximately 185 pages. The document production is presumably on file at the Social Security Administration. The produced documents were presumably a significant factor in Social Security's disability determination of August 1993.