Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Need For Fame: The Secret Service Was Onto My Game. Why Wasn't The Justice Department?

For years now, at least since early 1996, federal law enforcement should have been onto my game. I have had one aim, and one aim only, lo these many years. I've wanted to grab the headlines and become a nationally-prominent -- or at least notorious -- figure. As they say, no publicity is bad publicity.

Here's the first page of a letter I sent to the U.S. Secret Service dated February 20, 1996.

February 20, 1996
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008-4530

Philip C. Leadroot
Special Agent
U.S. Secret Service
Washington Field Office

Dear Mr. Leadroot:

I want to assure the U.S. Secret Service that I have not discussed matters pertinent to your investigation with any news organizations.

I want to point out, however, that an enterprising journalist could make a story out of facts contained in letters that I have already supplied to you. The facts of my case might conceivably give rise to a story such as the following, though other, perhaps more realistic (though no less embarrasing) stories are possible.

The New York Times

Tabloids Report Clinton Friends Shield Mental Patient; Rubin Denies Secret Service Protected Strauss Firm

A spokesman for Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin today refused to comment on news stories--reported in the tabloid press--that the Secret Service, at Rubin's direction, limited the scope of an investigation into a possible Presidential security threat in order to shield Rubin's long-time friend, Robert S. Strauss.

The investigation concerned the activities of a man, described as severely disturbed, who wrote a series of ominous letters to the Secret Service and other federal agencies that referred to President Clinton.

The man, known only as Anonymous, had been an employee of the Washington law firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, founded by Robert S. Strauss, former Ambassador to Russia. Strauss has been a close personal friend of Rubin's for many years.

Strauss, contacted at Akin Gump's Washington Office refused to comment.

The tabloid press has raised questions in recent days about whether Strauss may have asked his long-time friend and confidant Rubin to order the Secret Service to limit the scope of the investigation, reportedly because any publicity concerning a full investigation might open a "hornet's nest" . . .

On January 15, 2010 the Justice Department sent two officers to my home to question me about the seeming anger I expressed on my blog, My Daily Struggles.  I wasn't aware I was angry.  I was aware of being a headline-craving opportunist.  I was aware of being motivated by a need for fame.  I announced that motivation to the world-at-large at the above site on November 10, 2009.  The Justice Department officer who questioned me said he had been reading my blog since November 2009.  Perhaps he didn't start reading the blog until November 11th.  Thank goodness I'm just a fake bad guy.  That's the great thing about fake bad guys -- you can afford to miss important clues about them.


Gary Freedman said...

Or is the real story that the Justice Department never did have any serious concerns about my anger?

Maybe Justice just wanted to intimidate me to stop writing my blog about Vernon Jordan and his friends?

What's the matter -- doesn't Justice communicate with the Secret Service?

To repeat: I know how paranoid all this sounds. But I have to earn a living. Give me a break. Fraud takes expertise and hard work!

Gary Freedman said...

An ironic fact. During the Clinton years Treasury (the parent organization of the Secret Service at that time) was headed by Secretary Robert Rubin, a friend of Bob Strauss.

During the Obama years Justice is headed by Eric Holder, a friend of another Akin Gump senior partner, Vernon Jordan.

Is everyone taking their vitamin P?