Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Message From Noam Chomsky

On Monday March 1, 2010 I sent the following email to Professor Noam Chomsky at MIT:

Professor Chomsky,

You can check out the PDF version of my book "Significant Moments" at the following site:


The book is unusual in structure; it is written entirely in quotations from published literature.

Incidentally, I am a 1971 graduate of The Central High School of Philadelphia; I grew up in West Oak Lane. My music teacher at Central, Mr. Joseph Ostrow, once mentioned that you were one of his students.


Washington, DC
CHS 230

Professor Chomsky replied on Tuesday March 2, 2010:

Interested to hear from a fellow grad -- though I was 1945. Don't recall any music back in those days, but I could easily have forgotten.

Thanks for the information about your book. I wish I could promise to look at it in the near future, but I just can't. I'm swamped with ms's, and have to put them in a (pretty long) queue, hoping I can get to them some day. Frankly, unless they relate to something I'm working on and speaking about, it's a very long shot.

Noam Chomsky

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