Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Social Security Initial Claim: Evidence of Surveillance Delusion

May 11, 1993
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20008

Fay E. Peterson
Disability Claims Examiner
District of Columbia
Rehabilitation Services Administration
Disability Determination Division
P.O. Box 37608
Washington, DC  20013

RE:  Disability Claim xxx-xx-xxxx

Dear Ms. Peterson:

The attached document is submitted in support of my Social Security disability claim.

The document comprises three pages of handwritten notes that I prepared and left in a prominent place in my apartment based on my unsubstantiated belief that the former manager of my apartment building, Elayne Wranik, inspected the apartment daily and reported her findings back to Akin Gump management.

I believe that I left these notes in my apartment on the morning of Monday, October 28, 1991 (although the notes are not dated and do not bear a salutation to Elayne Wranik).

It was probably on Monday, October 28, 1991 that Dennis M. Race, an attorney manager of my former employer, Akin Gump, reached a decision to terminate my employment.  This inference is suggested by the date on the enclosed "Notice of Group Life Conversion Privilege," signed by Georgia Decker, a Personnel Department employee.  The date of the signature is "10/28/91."

Thank you.


Gary Freedman

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