Thursday, December 01, 2011

Searching for the Promised Land

Everything is always the same with me. I am a total neurotic. I yearn for the unattainable, and am perpetually dissatisfied in life. I don't try to form relationships -- they rarely work out for me. I seek solace in books and music. 

I am a hopeless Romantic, like a character out of a nineteenth-century novel -- like Goethe's Werther!! I was born in the wrong century, I think.  I would have been happy living a hundred and fifty years ago. I dwell inside my head, which is my universe: unbounded and morbidly gratifying.   People tell me I need to get outside my comfort zone, but, honestly, life itself is outside my comfort zone. When I step off my bed in the morning, I am already outside my comfort zone!

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