Thursday, March 24, 2011

Freedman v. D.C. Dept. Human Rights -- Docket

Complaint filed by Department of Human Rights

Akin Gump First Response to Interrogatories

Complainant's Reply

Akin Gump Second Response to Interrogatories

Department of Human Rights Initial Determination

Complainant's Petition for Reconsideration

Department of Human Rights Determination on Reconsideration  (Final Agency Action)

D.C. Court of Appeals Memorandum Opinion and Judgment (with links to Appellant's pleadings)

D.C. Superior Court -- Petitioner's Petition for Review

D.C. Superior Court -- Petitioner's Reply Memorandum

D.C. Superior Court -- Opinion and Order
Appellant's Brief on Appeal (D.C. Court of Appeals)

District of Columbia Brief on Appeal

Appellant's Reply Brief on Appeal

D.C. Court of Appeals Memorandum Opinion and Judgment

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