Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Uncanny Coincidence!!

From the Internet:

Here is the only web page I could find about "1/4 of America being mentally ill or seriously mentally ill" ?
It is a fake, racketeering, lying, good for nothing, evil "study" done by Harvard (schizo Scalia orgy, severe mental defect) Law school. It is the insane, schizo, racketeering professors Ronald Kessler, Bob Brown et al and Alan Dershowitch et al of the "National Comorbidity Survey Replication"(ridiculas name) who concocted this.. See, as I mention all over my profile and on the previous upload it is insane, schizo, suicidle garbage lawyers and psychiatrists taking bribes from the Federal Government to create these fake, evil, racketeering LIES on the people of America. The insane , schizo U.S. Marshal Lawyer Joey (girly gay) Lazar , insane schizo U.S. Attorneys, and the American Bar Association are behind this insane, evil, unconstitutional and racketeerintg activity. This trash, racketeering, creates money laundering/racketeering activity all throughout the corrupt, racketeering Civil Courts and Criminal Courts of America. It is now also being taught by the racketeering U.S. Gov in other corrupt "Common Law" Courts in other nations. I am leaving this corrupt, racketeering society it is a pathetic LIE. Now you can see how the insane, goofy, schizo, racketeering, bribe taking, two faced, pile of dung girly girl Bob Brown of Rod Roberston Enterprises got the information on the previous video. It was from spoiled Joey (schizo gay) Lazar in D.C.!! This fake study, and schizo Bob Brown's insane, racketeering act, unconstitutionally, illegally and maliciously justifies 20-30 years of TORTURE upon me for no other reason than MONEY! Hey, insane, two faced, severe mental defect, suicidle, girly girl, two faced, schizo Bobby are you reading this ? You are an insane, schizo, bribe taking, two faced, suicidle faggot go see you're shrink and your insane schizo American lawyer and get on your meds so you can claim your serious mental defct check !! This racketeering garbage also allows corrupt attorneys, judges and psychiatrists to racketeer from and horribly abuse the Social Securety system and drain the tax payer. Just imagine how many of this "25" percent is placed on mental social security through this garabge wasting tax money with scum lawyers getting 25% of those SS payments ? Actually there is no such thing as schizophrenia go to
­s... And look a severe mental defect from HARVARD has just shot and killed several people in Alabama?? HARVARD "The most intelligent law school in America"??­hiatric_drug_regime.htm Check this link out people. This is a Dem(on)/GOP racketeering enterprise.