Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Adenoid Hynkel: When Nazis Speak, Do You Really Need a Translator?


Gary Freedman said...

Do you really need a translation of July?

Gary Freedman said...

The Great Dictator is a comedy film released in October 1940. This was Chaplin's first true talking picture as well as his most commercially successful film. More importantly, it was the first major feature film of its period to bitterly satirize Nazism and Adolf Hitler.

Released in October of 1940, the film is unusual for its period, as the United States was still formally at peace with Nazi Germany. Chaplin's film advanced a stirring, controversial condemnation of Hitler, fascism, antisemitism, and the Nazis, the latter of whom he excoriates in the film as "machine men, with machine minds and machine hearts".