Thursday, August 26, 2010

Job Search: Registration with D.C. Agency

In the summer of 2005 I registered with the D.C. Department of Rehabilitation Services in the hopes of getting a job.  People have been asking me, they've been coming up to me on the street inquiring, beseeching me, wanting to know: "Mr. Freedman, were you sincere when you registered with the D.C. Department of Rehabilitation Services? Were you genuinely interesting in getting a job?  What made you want to get a job all of a sudden after not having worked for so many years?"

In response to all the questions: Yes, I sincerely wanted a job.  I ached for work.  I wanted to get back in the job market.  But why, you may ask?  The reason is a little strange.

In March 2005, just a few months before, the TV sit-com "The Office" aired on NBC.  I loved that show so much.  The first 6 episodes that were broadcast that spring were super fantastic.  I wanted to be in an environment like that depicted on the show.  I wanted to work in an office like Dunder-Mifflin, the fictional paper company located in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  I wanted to work with cool guys like B.J. Novak who portrayed the temp, Ryan Howard.  I wanted to work with John Krasinksi, who portrayed the character Jim Halpert.  I even created a fan page on Myspace dedicated to Jim Halpert.

Incidentally, B.J. Novak is a Harvard graduate who majored in Spanish Literature.  John Krasinski is an honors graduate from Brown University.

I wanted to work with cool guys.  I wanted to make friends with cool guys.  Yes, I ached to get a job through the D.C. Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Incidentally, John Krasinski is an avid basketball player.  I love basketball players, but I hate basketball.  I hate baseball players, but I love baseball. Funny, isn't it?

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