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Letter to U.S. Secret Service: February 21, 1995

February 21, 1995
3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20008-4530

Philip C. Leadroot
Special Agent
U.S. Secret Service
Washington, DC  20036

Dear Mr. Leadroot:

Enclosed for your information is the confidential mental health information concerning my consultations with Kathleen Kelley and Judy Peres at the Sheppard Pratt Employee Assistance Programs.  I met with Sheppard Pratt counselors on three occasions during my tenure at Akin Gump (September 13, 1989, September 20, 1989, and November 26, 1990).  There are no notes in my file concerning my follow-up consultation with Kathleen Kelley on September 20, 1989.

Kathleen Kelley's notes report that I suffer from the paranoid delusion that I am a victim of job harassment and also report that I have underlying feelings of rage.  (Note that my psychology as described by Kathleen Kelley seems similar to that of Colin Ferguson--the paranoid delusions, the feelings of rage).

The narrative portion of Kathleen Kelley's report, dated September 13, 1989, reads:

 Client described what appear to be paranoid delusions. Co-workers make comments to trivialize his sense of importance, to insinuate he is insane and to suggest he is potentially violent & may appear at work with a gun & shoot them. He reports he does not have this intention & does not have a gun.

Wants a referral for therapy.

Schizoid features -- no relationships

Client entered therapy in his early 20's for a period of 2 1/2 years. First therapy was with a psychoanalytically oriented psychiatrist who was "passive & [illegible]" & a second therapy with a psychiatrist who was aggressive & confrontive. He attempted suicide during this time. Client has paranoid delusions of his co-workers suggesting he is homicidal & planning to shoot them. Internal & unexpressed rage is projected. Shared his self-analysis "The Caliban Complex".

Client is extremely bright (brilliant) man in his mid-thirties who is a law school graduate & also has a master of laws yet is working as a legal assistant coding documents. He described his false self & how others refuse to allow his true self to be expressed; others see him as violent & crazy. He has no relationships, lives a completely isolated life. He desperately wants connections yet is terrified of it. He requested that I read his autobiography - "The Caliban Complex - An Attempt at Self-Analysis." He was open to the idea of exploring a therapeutic relationship. A second session is scheduled for September 20.

Enclosed for your additional information is an Akin Gump Performance Evaluation for the period contemporaneous with the above psychological evaluation.  The enclosed Performance Evaluation covers the period May 1989 to November 1989.  It is almost as if Kathleen Kelley and my supervisor, Constance Brown, are describing two different people.

Mr. Leadroot, I have to ask how the U.S. Secret Service can live with a situation in which there is so much contradictory information about an individual, some of which information is highly disturbing.


Gary Freedman

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