Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Mental Status: 1995

The following is humorous dialogue I wrote some time in 1995. The document is evidence of my mental status as of that time. Persons suffering from psychotic mental illness tend to lack a sense of humor:

Congressional Round-up at Akin Gump:

Telephone conversation between Eleanor Holmes Norton and Vernon Jordan:

Norton: What do you do, Vernon, kiss white ass all day?

Vernon Jordan: It's not bad, tastes like chicken.

Norton: The white ass you kiss is chicken.

Conversation between Bob Strauss and Tom Foley. 

Strauss: Tom, you have to clear out your office. We're dissolving the partnership. Something to do with some crazy paralegal.

Foley: But, Bob, I just got here. First Congress, now Akin Gump? What does a guy have to do to keep a job?

Tell me about it, Tom

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