Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GW Psychiatric Treatment: Letter to Psychiatrist 3/7/94

TO:       Suzanne M. Pitts, MD
FROM: Gary Freedman
DATE:    March 7, 1994
RE:         Masson/Eissler paper--minor additions

The attached pages contain three minor changes to the above-referenced paper.  (Adjacent pages were retyped for reasons of spacing.)

1.  page 36: Lieberman quote (added for symmetry with the immediately following Wagner material).

2.  Page 81:  Die Meistersinger editorial comment added for explanatory purposes and to suggest symmetry with the Dreyfus material.  (The two passages in the paper are polar opposites.)

Die Meistersinger: son figure dictates dream to idealized father figure

Dreyfus: castrating father figure dictates "nightmare" to son figure

3.  page 84: additional Masson quote re recollection of Eissler (passage has obvious multiple resonance).  One interesting feature of the quote is that it parallels the preceding Demian quote (at page 83).

Demian: "I remember first that Demian's mother. . ."

Masson: "I remember once, when we saw . . . "

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