Thursday, April 05, 2012

What Ever Happened to Tom Veatch?

During the period mid-September 1985 till late February 1988 I worked in the Computer Applications Department at the law firm of Hogan & Hartson.

In the summer of 1986 my supervisor Sheryl Ferguson hired a young man named Tom Veatch who had just graduated high school.  He worked at the firm till Friday August 15, 1986, when he left to enter the University of Virginia.  He would have graduated UVA in the spring 1990.

Tom returned to work at the firm during the summer of 1987.  He left to enter his second year of college on Friday August 7, 1987.  I believe that Craig W. Dye served as Tom's mentor.  During the summer of 1987 Tom worked in a large office outside the office of the supervisor, Miriam T. Chilton: Craig W. Dye, Daniel D. Cutler, and Tom McIsaac worked in his immediate vicinity.

I remember that I gave Tom a copy of The Making of a Psychiatrist, a book by the late David Viscott, M.D.  Tom had said he had an interest in psychiatry.  I think he mentioned that his mother was a medical doctor.

Tom was an avid rower.  I remember that when Sheryl Ferguson hired him, she mentioned that he had a shot at making the U.S. Olympic team.  He was a most excellent young chappie.

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Tom Veatch said...

Glad to know other Tom Veatches are out there and 'excellent young chappies'. I'm one of the former at least. But I graduated HS in 1979 in California, so that's not me. Check out once in a while, I should put up a disambiguation page.