Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Justice Department and the Official Declaration

On Friday January 15, 2010 I was interviewed at my residence by two officers of the U.S. Department of Justice about a law enforcement matter.

The officers were curious about my blog, My Daily Struggles.  They wanted to know what motivated me to write the blog.  They asked specifically: "What is it that you are looking for -- a statement?"

Oddly enough, in the Claude Lanzmann documentary about the Holocaust, Shoah, Jan Karski tells Lanzmann about his meeting with the leaders of the Warsaw ghetto during World War II.  The Warsaw ghetto leaders tell Karski that they want him to secure a declaration -- a statement -- from the allied leaders affirming that the Jewish problem forms a distinct problem separate from victory against Germany and the Nazis.

Karski states: "Never happened before in history, what is happening to our people now. Perhaps it will shake the conscience of the world. We understand we have no country of our own, we have no government, we have no voice in the Allied councils.

So we have to use services, little people like you are. Will you do it? Will you approach them? Will you fulfil your mission? Approach the Allied leaders?

We want an official declaration of the Allied nations that in addition to the military strategy which aims at securing victory, military victory in this war, extermination of the Jews forms a separate chapter, and the Allied nations formally, publicly, announce that they will deal with this problem, that it becomes part of their overall strategy in the war.

Not only defeat of Germany, but also saving the remaining Jewish population. Once they make such an official declaration, they have an air force, they drop bombs on Germany – why cannot they drop millions of leaflets informing the German population exactly what their government is doing to the Jews?"

The Karski quote is contained in The Dream of the Blue Oxford that I posted on this blog on October 14, 2009.  The Justice Department officers acknowledged that they had been reading my blog since November 2009.

I am simply noting a coincidence.  I am simply making a report.

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