Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Family Ties -- The Freud Connection

My father, Jacob Freedman (1906-1976), had one younger sister and five older siblings. One of his older brothers was Lewis Freedman (1904-1977), who had two daughters, Marilyn Blumenthal and the late Beverly Lapenson.  Beverly was married to Jerry Lapenson.  The couple had two sons: Bruce and Eric Lapenson.

My cousin, Bruce Lapenson, is on the faculty of the Intellectual Heritage program at Temple University in Philadelphia.


One of Mr. Lapenson's research interests is, oddly enough, Sigmund Freud.  I guess it runs in the family.


I attended Mr. Lapenson's bar mitzvah in January 1971, nearly 40 years ago.


Gary Freedman said...

I wrote the Wikipedia article about Mr. Lapenson.

cheeks4two said...

very interesting post...my grandmother was Ella Freedman who married Leon Klein ...my parents were Leonard Klein (d. 3-15-1999)who married Agnes Tomlin (d. 4-27-2004)and my name is Larry Klein (b. 8-18-1957).....I don't recall if we ever met but it's funny that we are related....my family celebrated the Passover Seder every year at Ella and Leon's house just off Old York Road. in north Philly...I remember watching Phillies games on a black and white television with uncle Izzy.....if you like you may email me at : larry.klein1@gmail.com....I live in Seattle Washington