Thursday, May 05, 2011

That's Where the Money Is!

William "Willie" Sutton (June 30, 1901 - November 2, 1980) was a prolific U.S. bank robber.  During his forty year criminal career he stole an estimated $2 million, and eventually spent more than half his adult life in prison. For his talent at executing robberies in disguises, he gained two nicknames, "Willie the Actor" and "Slick Willie."

Sutton is famously known for answering a reporter, Mitch Ohnstad, who asked why he robbed banks by saying, "because that's where the money is."

People say to me: Why do you defraud the government of the United States?  I tell them, "That's where the money is."  The Treasury Department has printing presses running day and night rolling out the dough.   They don't care about being defrauded.  If you could print up your own money, would you be concerned with theft?

Apparently, you're allowed to say that!

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