Monday, May 16, 2011

Of Freud, Circumcision and Aliens

Friday May 13th was the 155th anniversary of Sigmund Freud's circumcision.

Be that as it may.

In a Seinfeld episode from the fall of 1993, The Bris  (The Circumcision), Jerry and his pals are invited to the circumcision of a friend's newborn. Elaine is assigned the task of finding a mohel, the individual who performs the circumcision.

Elaine:  A mohel! What the hell is a mohel?

Jerry:  A mohel is the person who performs the circumcision.

Elaine:  Where am I going to find a Mohel?  (LOOKING THROUGH THE YELLOW PAGES, MUTTERING) How do you find a mohel? Motels, models . . .

Jerry:  Oh, finding a Mohel is a piece of cake. Any idiot can find a Mohel. I have the tough job. I have to hold the baby while they do it. How would you like that job?

Elaine:  Have you ever seen one?

Jerry:  You mean that wasn't --

Elaine:  Yeah.

Jerry:  No . . . you?

Elaine:  Ya.

Jerry:  What'd you think?

Elaine:  (SHAKES HER HEAD) No . . .

Jerry:  Not good?

Elaine:  No, had no face, no personality, very dull. It was like a martian. But hey, that's me.

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Gary Freedman said...

I should have been a kosher butcher like my brother. You make a mistake with a cow, you move on with your life!