Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Raymond Weisbein National Monument

Raymond Weisbein, who is alive and well, was a childhood friend -- or acquaintance.  On one occasion we both attended Lee Fuiman's birthday party while we were in elementary school.


j. weisbein said...

all these years. and you never got over it. how sad.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Freedman,

My daughter told me about the posting in your blog. it is disgusting that you write about " the raymond weisbein national memorial". your writings of my death are ill and way out of bounds. if you do not take this false and slanderous statement out of the web i will proceed accordingly. i am shocked that a 53 year old man harbors such anger and hate.

rgw said...

dear mr freedman,
rgw is alive and well!

Gary Freedman said...

Mr. Weisbein,

I deny that the subject post is defamatory in any way. I have forwarded your complaint to the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia as well as the US Attorney for the District of Columbia.

Note that a "Veterans Memorial" does not denote that the soldiers in question have died; it is a remembrance of soldiers who have served and may still be alive.

I am shocked that a graduate of Central High School has such an impoverished understanding of the English language.

PA ATTY ID 41032

Richard Fabulosa said...

Freedman, who is this Raymond Weisbein & what did he do to deserve a Raymond Weisbein National Memorial?

Wayne Williams, Artist said...

I am a friend of Ray Weisbein, we used to hand out together.

I was saddened to see his bank was closed. The FDIC said this about it:


Jefferson Bank, Haverford, Pennsylvania, has assumed the insured deposits of Metrobank of Philadelphia, N.A., Philadelphia, which was closed today by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The FDIC was named receiver.

Metrobank, with assets of $43.3 million and total deposits of $39.9 million as of November 30, 1995, was chartered by the OCC on June 1, 1989.

The OCC used its authority under the FDIC Improvement Act of 1991 (FDICIA) to close the bank when it found that Metrobank was critically undercapitalized -- that is, it had less than 2 percent tangible equity capital. The bank suffered from poor asset quality, an insufficient earning-asset base, and ineffective board and management supervision.

Since opening in 1989, the bank never had a profitable year. Losses stemmed from a high cost of funds and high level of problem loans, due to poor credit underwriting, loan administration weaknesses and heavy emphasis on real estate based lending.

Additionally, Metrobank's board of directors lacked banking knowledge which resulted in an inability to make cohesive and timely decisions.

Finally, a check-kite scheme in 1995 heavily impacted an already weak capital base and eventually led to a critically undercapitalized position.

I hope Ray comes to visit me someday.

Rebi Schneerson said...

Date: July 16, 1997


WASHINGTON, DC -- The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
today announced enforcement actions taken against national banks.

No. Individual, Bank, City
Date 97-34

Raymond G. Weisbein, Metrobank of Philadelphia, N.A.,Philadelphia 6/16/97


Raymond G. Weisbein, Metrobank of Philadelphia, N.A.,Philadelphia

# # #

The OCC charters, regulates and examines approximately 2,800
national banks and 66 federal branches and agencies of foreign
banks in the U.S., accounting for more than half the nation's
banking assets. Its mission is to ensure a safe, sound and
competitive national banking system that supports the citizens,
communities and economy of the United States.

Zev Kravitz said...

I certainly hope Mr. Weisbein will open a new bank in Philadelphia. He has the expertise.

I'd like to bring my grandson there after his bar mitzvah because I understand Ray is an expert at kiting. I'd love to teach the boy all about doing that, especially if it's windy.

Shalom, Ray!!


Shugar Washington said...

Ah...I woud like to have a bank thats in Phillie. Hep us da pour ones.

rgv said...

rgw said...

dear mr freedman,
rgw is alive and defrauding!

Manny Shevits said...

I really believe that the kind of brilliance that typifies Weisbein will someday raise itself & vindicate a generation of otherwise inconsequential southeast floridian shlemils.

At least one can only hope.

I will be delighted when the Raymond G. Weisbein National Memorial is raised to dizzying prominence. (But this may take an FBI investigation.)

In any event, for those who worked at his bank, you will all recognize such fearless leadership:


"Metrobank was critically undercapitalized -- that is, it had less than 2 percent tangible equity capital." Ray knows how to take care of money, no?

"The bank suffered from poor asset quality..." Great business decisions!!

"an insufficient earning-asset base..." He has a wonderful knowledge of financial subtleties!!!

"and ineffective board and management supervision." Ray ALWAYS surrounds himself with the BEST independent thinkers & empowers them to share opinions!!

"Since opening in 1989, the bank never had a profitable year." An Einstein of commerce.

"Losses stemmed from a high cost of funds..." He can sniff out a deal at 100 paces!!

"and high level of problem loans, due to poor credit underwriting." Does the guy follow the best business practices, or what?

"loan administration weaknesses." Employees? They're a dime a dozen!!!

"and heavy emphasis on real estate based lending." ONLY property is a good investment!!

"Additionally, Metrobank's board of directors lacked banking knowledge which resulted in an inability to make cohesive and timely decisions." This is surprising given Weisbein's incredible knowledge of the financial world, being a one-man world bank on legs. Also, it is inconceivable he would find investors & directors knowing LESS then he!!!

"Finally, a check-kite scheme..." Well, Ray knows that the best way to raise funds is through the aerodynamics of flying high...

"in 1995 heavily impacted an already weak capital base and eventually led to a critically undercapitalized position." Stunning competence, huh?!!!


Q: Was there any area of the bank Raymond G. Weisbein excelled at?

A: Yes. Giving away toasters to those follish enough to open an account!!!

Orville & Willbur Wrong said...

Fly Me to the Moon, on Frequent Flyer Miles -- or:
Anatomy of check-kiting fraud

Kiting isn't the most popular type of deposit fraud. In fact, it happens with far less frequency than typical deposit fraud, but it can be far more devastating to the bank.

"Other fraud is like a thunderstorm; kiting is a tornado," says Sydney Hicks of Sterling Commerce banking systems division.

Here's how it works. Suppose you have $10 in bank A but you write a check on the account for $500 and deposit it in bank B. Before that deposit can be processed, you go back and tell the teller at bank B that you want to withdraw $400. The teller gives you $400 in cash, and you disappear before the check bounces.

That's a very simple kite. More often it's a bit more sophisticated and involves a lot of money. Check kiting requires at least two accounts, and very often involves two or even three banks. The money rotates in a complete circular fashion between accounts.

Hicks says a kite can take down a financial institution.

"A small credit union in northern Illinois took a $4 million kite loss and had to close its doors. Within the last five to seven years we've seen kites in excess of $10 million to $20 million."

Dedicated fraudsters are often responsible for the high dollar check kiting schemes, but regular customers do much of the smaller kiting that goes on.

"Kiting happens on a daily basis at just about every financial institution," according to Young. "It may be a customer with a longtime relationship or a new customer. Most kiting occurs with individuals that have businesses that don't have enough income or revenue to keep going.

"They supplement with check kiting. I think they have every intention to make everything good, but if the money doesn't come in the situation gets worse and worse. Others do it to run up the dollars and get out of Dodge and leave one of the banks holding the bag."

There's never anything accidental about a kiting scheme, says Robert Young, loss prevention manager at Regions Bank in Birmingham, Ala.

"There's too much manipulation of the float and timing. A person who kites well never has returned deposit items or notice of nonsufficient funds. They're always covering a bad item with a bad item with a bad item."

Tom Vleisides of Carreker, says his company has software aimed at detecting kite frauds.

"We look at a 60- to 90-day window. It's a detailed analysis with graphs. You can tell a kite from four feet away. We look at uncollected funds and the usage of uncollected funds. Under normal situations you won't have a parallel set of numbers going on there.

"Your deposit goes in, there are uncollected funds for a couple of days, then it goes to fully collected. There's no pattern. With a kite the bad guy has to know how long it will take to clear and has to really manage and control that. Otherwise the kite falls apart."

Shutting down a kite involving multiple banks takes teamwork so no bank is left holding the bag.

"If you say, 'I'll shut down this kite,' you force another institution to take a loss," says Vleisides. "You want to identify the other bank or banks and tell them you think there's kite. When all the banks involved agree, they shut down the accounts all at the same time. No one takes a loss because you haven't allowed the guy to come into the bank and take the money out."

Chief Smoking-Tail said...


Perhaps instead of seeing people as good or bad, we need to begin acknowledging a third group . . . the "Tricksters." Tricksters have the appearance of goodness that enables them to take advantage of others, taking all they can get, legally or illegally. These folks live through their possessions and material wealth means a great deal to them, although they may affect a humble, self-effacing attitude. It is not the mugger in the alley or other obvious shady characters we need to fear, for we have learned their ways. Disguised with charming manners and a smiling countenance, real danger lurks in an overly solitious new acquaintance who offers friendship easily . . . and just as easily withdraws it. Tricksters have two faces - one that smiles when we are helping to further their agenda, and another that turns cold when we can no longer support their projects or need financial help ourselves.
The following identifying markers will help alert people to the presence of "Tricksters":

A. Being insecure, yet proud, they will talk badly about other people, trying to get you to agree. They recount stories of personal success, but are stingy with praise for others.

B. Most of their waking hours are consumed with schemes for making money with the least amount of effort.

C. They have few, if any, real friends. These people are afraid to get close to anyone they can't completely control, for fear their deceptive nature will be uncovered. It may seem they are offering friendship and help, but it is only a mirage, acted out to gain one's confidence. Does confidence/con-man ring a bell?

D. They are excellent self-promoters, and have an exaggerated sense of their place in the eternal plan . . . delusions of Grandeur . . . and believe their calling is above that of others.

E. Except for sarcastic wit and put-down jokes, they lack a sense of humor, and almost never laugh at themselves.

F. They concentrate great energy on presenting an image of competence. Everything is done for show and the admiration of others. Their homes feel cold and empty, even when decorated with expensive art and creative furnishings.

G. They lack the "nurturing instinct." Most of the care they provide derives from a sense of responsibility imposed by society's expectations.

H. They often live through their children, trying to mold them in their image and disregarding the child's individuality.

I. Their most miserable moments are when they are low on cash and their happiest are those spent with newly acquired possessions or money itself.

J. They have a knack for borrowing money or getting people to give them something valuable for a small down-payment and big promises.

K. They cannot brook criticism, even constructive, and their authority must never be questioned.

L. Not always, but more often than not, they are fitness oriented, as they need to maintain their image. This interest in appearing fit usually has little to do with good health. This emphasis on outward appearance may include such health destroying practices as fad diets, over-consumption of alcohol instead of food, strict starvation diets, and often bulimia.

M. They love to talk, but only listen to find personal weaknesses or flaws in those with whom they converse, which can be used to their advantage at some future time, i.e., blackmail.

N. They love to draw up and sign agreement contracts as a way to help "protect" you.

O. Believing themselves above the law, they circumvent as many regulations as possible to cut operating costs.

P. They lie, or tell half-truths, and evade direct questions.

Q. They underpay their workers, employ illegal aliens, keep employees on part-time status to avoid tax and insurance costs, and lie on their tax returns.

R. They "lure" people into money making schemes and partnerships to separate them from their money, and are adept at discarding folks who are no longer useful to them or have been sucked dry.

S. They use relatives and friends to do work they would otherwise have to pay professionals for.

T. They are cold, calculating, litigious, and rarely accept responsibility for failure. They act from their mindless ambition, seldom from their heart.

U. Spouses and children are controlled financially as well as emotionally. Their work and business are always more important than family time. Money is their first priority.

V. They are expert at blaming and putting others down to make themselves look good.

W. They are filled with fear, instead of light, and are overly concerned about security arrangements, their own well being, and naturally, their own eventual death.

X. If they own pets, they are usually expensive "show pieces," pedigreed animals, even wolf hybrids, a sad mix if ever there was one. Such animals often suffer emotional neglect, becoming either lonely, depressed, or vicious guard dogs.

Y. You can never trust them completely. They wear you out, mentally and emotionally with plans, schemes, gossip, and inside information.

Z. You can't relax around them as they are never truly happy or relaxed themselves, and always have a new "trick" or moneymaking project up their sleeves.

Not all tricksters display all of the above characteristics, but enough of them to be recognizable when we sit down to analyze their behavior. Why are we so often mesmerized by their dazzling reflections when our common sense should be flashing yellow warning lights before our eyes? Perhaps it is because these tricksters are adepts at using our own character weaknesses, manifestations of ego, and lack of suspiciousness to their own advantage. Sometimes we are just too stressed and preoccupied to listen to warning messages coming from deep within.
It is a matter of survival that we listen to the Spirit, evaluate our own motives, and use wisdom when beginning new ventures with new people. It is not character weakness or negativity on our part to check a person's references or past history before developing a relationship. Neither is it cold nor ruthless to terminate a developing relationship when we sense we are the "main course" on their menu.
Determining the source of the light that illuminates our new charismatic acquaintance's countenance is only common sense . . . something that is not so common anymore. Without the basic survival instinct of common sense, we may be lured like moths to the Trickster's moon-like brilliance and possible loss, damage or emotional destruction.
The scriptures state: Pray always. If we carry a prayer in our heart at all times, asking for the guidance of God's Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, otherwise known as the Holy Ghost, we will be open to the light of truth and be able to see these Tricksters for the danger they are before they cause too much damage.
- A lie is any communication given with the intent to deceive.
- Elder Marvin J. Ashton

Rebi Schneerson said...

Excuse me, but are you saying Weisbein is an Incompetent Thief & Con Artist? I don't believe it!!

What's your PROOF?

Rebekah "Gaza Stripper" Goldfarb said...

Schneerson, you have a crumb on your yarmulke.


Tzipi Livni, Foreign Minister, The State of Israel said...

In defense of Mr. Weisbein, keep in mind that human beings have three basic needs: food, sex, and the need to defraud.

Sigmund Freud said...

Chief Smoking-Tail -- you describe the characteristics of the classic narcissist. Keep in mind, as I once famously said, sometimes a scheme to defraud is just a scheme to defraud.

Fabulosa said...

I find this Weisbein character fascinating. In the picture he looks like an ambulatory hair-farm; kinda reminiscent of an adolescent Yeti.

But PLEASE remember, INCOMPETENCE is not the SAME thing as Fraud.

That is, UNLESS we are talking an INCOMPETENT THIEF.

Then all bets are off.


RGW said...

dear mr freedman,

rgw is alive and making a TON of money!

by the way, my dear old school chum -- I have MORE money stuck between the cushions of my couch than you do in your checking account.

Who is sorry now?

rgw said...

Dear Mr. Freedman,

My lawyer has reviewd your site. youre in a lot of trouble for slander for " the raymond weisbein national memorial".

you cannot announce, celebrate or encouragfe someones death like this.

plus, i am honest and the bank failure was caused by outside problems unrelated to management

you are a sick and ill man.

take it down now, or face consequences.

Moishe Goldstein said...

Mr. Weisbein,

I was was wondering... you seem like a very wealthy and kind man. Would you help some old Jewish settlers near Jaffa? The Government no longer helps like they used to.

Do you know what its like to save up for 2 weeks for kippers & they are all dried out? Truly disgusting. Also, water costs more than gasoline.

Think about it.

Moishe Goldstein

Gary Freedman said...

I have altered the Raymond Weisbein National Memorial to the Raymond Weisbein National Monument.

Beno Ratzinger said...

Why change the name of the Weisbein Nat. Memorial? That bum can't hurt a flea and in fact he ought to be hustled off to jail for crimes against humanity.

Either that or sent to Clown College so he can fulfill his life's potential.


Manuel Pustulenze said...

Here is a Valentine to Ray Weisbein


These are just a few of sterling points that you need to know about the psychological make up of criminals and violent people.

* Extreme egomania/selfishness/me-based orientation
* Poor impulse control
* Manipulative behavior
* Inability to accurately "read" other people's emotions
* Little or no ability to delay gratification
* Disassociation from the negative effects of their actions/guilt
* Your "value" is defined by what you can do for them
* The only consistent in their behavior is what benefits/pleases them.

You cannot change these elements in their personality and without outside, long-term professional help/counseling, they are not going to change on their own. No matter how much they say they will.

Anonymous said...

Ray you haven't changed a bit. I am quite fascinated by all of the comments about you. I am sure that you are making quite a bit of money. I haven't checked up on you on the internet in over 8 years now. I heard that you lost your life insurance certification due to an investigation by the SEC. You are still continuing to defraud people and suck out from them their money and time. The saying "some things never change" holds so true for you. You screwed you own family out of money, homes, etc. You stole money from Ervino in Brazil, Harvey G., etc. Bottom line. You always only cared about yourself and would take money from a street begger if you could.

You are a shark in a dolphins suit.

Anonymous said...

rgw is alive and well defrauding his current employees in a soon to be defunct medical supply company!

They constantly miss payroll (it bounces) because he pays for his bills out of the company account!

trust that he is much worse off than he seems and will soon resort to faking his own death for his life insurance proceeds (a policy which the company pays for)!

I will make sure to post here the day the company finally kicks the bucket!

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that several of RGW employees walked out. It's about time!!!! He continues to bounce his current employees checks. However, he puts all blame on everyone, but himself. He needs to go to rehab for his drug addiction. The only way Selma sleeps with him is if he throws a few hundred dollar bills on the bed. You are a criminal Ray Weisbein. I actually feel sorry for his kids. They deserve a father not an animal like you!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! This is some heavy history. I wonder why rgw thinks Mr. Freedman harbors anger and hate?

Having the bank taken over,losing his insurance certification, bouncing checks, etc!!

It sounds like maybe its not just Mr. freedman. scary:(

Anonymous said...

rgw - still a crook

he does every drug under the sun!

whats it like to live a lie?

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Ray Weisbein is the scum of the earth a leach a scam artist who frequently bounces checks like an NBA star on his employees, a real POS.

putzheimer said...

RAY wont go away

Gary Freedman said...


Anonymous said...

The prototypical psychopath (Raymond Weisbein) has deficits or deviances in several areas: interpersonal relationships, emotion, and self-control. Psychopaths gain satisfaction through antisocial behavior, and do not experience shame, guilt, or remorse for their actions. Psychopaths lack a sense of guilt or remorse for any harm they may have caused others, instead rationalizing the behavior, blaming someone else, or denying it outright. Psychopaths also lack empathy towards others in general, resulting in tactlessness, insensitivity, and contemptuousness. All of this belies their tendency to make a good, likable first impression. Psychopaths have a superficial charm about them, enabled by a willingness to say anything without concern for accuracy or truth. Shallow affect also describes the psychopath's tendency for genuine emotion to be short lived and egocentric with an overall cold demeanor. Their behavior is impulsive and irresponsible, often failing to keep a job or defaulting on debts.(Sound familiar Raymond) Psychopaths also have a markedly distorted sense of the potential consequences of their actions, not only for others, but also for themselves. They do not, for example, deeply recognize the risk of being caught, disbelieved or injured as a result of their behaviour

Anonymous said...

the son of a bitch Raymond G Weisbein snort coke everyday at work. Guess who pays for the drugs? The goddamn ill fated company.

Anonymous said...

Raymond Weisbein was evicted from his warehouse like a john trying to stiff a pimp at a whorehouse.he cried in the street like a baby.

770 said...

On November 11th 2010 Raymond Weisbein final got his lights clocked out.

After defrauding his landlord and not paying rent for almost Six years on Friday eve 11/11 CP Motion RGW's latest bunko con game came to a screaching halt. With 10-15 police cars surrounding his place of theivery RGW hit the brakes for what could be the last time in his miserable life.
All his cushion money all his inventory, even the Klopin in his desk the extra underwear tucked away for his emissions all taken away. RGW is shut down ....his house is on the foreclosure block to be sold next month.

Hopefully he will do the world a favor and do the right thing for once and commit suicide.

The perfect burial plot is awaiting him, the seagulls and buzzards crying in the blue tropical skies above MT trashmore at the Dade county garbage dump.

May his deeds to others be repaid by the allmighty measure for measure.

RGW said...

Can somebody loan me 20,000.00 for two weeks will pay 115% interest. Also anybody got a nice pent house to rent on Miami Beach or Bal harbour will pay top dollar.

Your buddy Raymond G.

Anonymous said...

March 7, 2011 CP Motion filed for bankruptcy protection. Guess that answers all the investors who continually questions what RGW was doing with the money invested in the company...

Anonymous said...

Scumbag RAYMOND WEISBEIN still shortpays employees and scam potential investors and creditors. The company may be bankrup but the SOB continues to exploit all the resources he can.

Anonymous said...

Anybody doing some research on this guy will find a lot of information from this blog. All I can say is WOW. He is one messed up individual. He's got nothing left, clinging to a few A/R's which will be default in a few months. Ray, YOU'RE DONE. Oh and in regards to your new P.O.S entity under a new management the poor bastard you're using to do your unscrupulous business will go no where specially with your management. You're dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

Ray filed for personal bankruptcy....he listed $2M in assets and $20M in debt! How did he get so much credit?!?!?!

SELMA SW said...

Ray is the best husband and father in the world shame on all of you scum. I would trade in my silicone implants and drain the botox out of my face for that cherub.

Anonymous said...

you might need to give up the implants and botox given that he stole money from lots of people to buy them for you!

Somebody said...

What I can't understand is why he's not in jail yet. I do have to say, it feels nice to know that something caught up with him - even if it did take such a long time.

By the way, 51 legal actions in Florida and 10 federal ones involving Raymond. Probably more rolling in every month. What a piece of work.

Anonymous said...

You tell them Selma....I would say the samething if there's a $10 million dollar life insurance waiting for me. I think you should rethink about the "trade in my silicone implants and drain the botox". That may be to gruesome for some eyes....

Anonymous said...

What a crook...hope they get him finally!

Lenmy Gelt said...

Raymond Weisbein that pathetic lump of corruption is still at it, lying cheating stealing robbing defrauding like only Ray knows how.
The So Dist BK court where Ray has been trying to swat away all of the people he defrauded is not buying into his BS. His BK attorney withdrew (gee wonder why)>
This fat oger finally has come to the down road at cliff of hell with no rubber left on his brakes.

Akk the while blaming everybody else for his problems. Ray I would suggest you get yourself a hot dog cart...but you would most proberbly eat the profits

Selmea Lexus said...

what a POS

Anonymous said...

...Ray thought he was KING! He was working at Smalls Formawear in the Oxford Valley Mall!

The Butterfly

Anonymous said...

ANYONE who associates with this POS should be put in jail. He has been stealing money from people for years. His cocaine addiction and his lies will catch up to him though.

It's my understanding that he created a "Pharmacy" (Grove Pharmacy & AA Medical Supply) and is "lending" the space for favors. It's unclear what/how/who he is going to defraud next but he has made sure he has surrounded himself with equally corrupt POS's. I hope they all get whats coming to them.

Anonymous said...

He is opening up a center for ED and low T. I wonder if its legal.

Anonymous said...

He is trying to open an illegal medical center, catering for men only, doing Low T, Erectile Dyfunction and HcG weightloss unfortunately no doctor wants to work with him and he's doing everything illegally. His pharmacy is on the vere of closing because he takes all the drugs himself, he can no longer provide controlled substances, and lost all his licenses. And the cocaine addiction is pretty bad,...

Anonymous said...

He's at it again!! Screwing people over and winning lawsuits left and right. Bankruptcies you name it, I don't know anyone as evil yet successful as Ray other than satan himself. He's dropping names like Sammy Sosa , Dr. smyrniotis etc.. Who want nothing to do with the creep!! And the 8ball a day cocaine diet isn't working he's slower and crazier than ever.

pupish said...

RGW is at it again that lump of corruption. his drug habit out of control I saw him pissing on himself outside the Maserati dealership bugging the salesman trying to get credit to lease a 2014

Anonymous said...

OH.OH. Could it be that RGW has lost all his properties due to AMO's. Even the big fancy one that he hasn't paid anything on in four years! One family member in CA, one in WA. My bet is packing what's left and heading for the West Coast where he isn't known as well. One less scumbag, dirtball, con man in FL. Bankruptcy coming

Anonymous said...

More fun & sun news from the medical fraud capital of the US. The lastest: scumbag, douchebag Weisbein has lost a $1.35 MM lawsuit against his former Medical buddies and Members of the Tribes. See what happens when you don't listen to your rebbes! The best part is that this Judgement is beyond the bankruptcy filing and so the balding douchebag is going connive his way out of this. Maybe his water-soaked son the doctah in Seattle can pay or his liposuction daughter the doctah can pay from Napa. But he doesn't care. He spent 2 weeks in Vail and a few in Turks & Caicos, and then the mishpuchah (including Mummie dearest) went to eat at the fine rezzies in Seattle visiting the doctah and the daughter in law the doctah."This was my best year ever" he tweeted. Oy, the sun is shining and don't haveta pay anything or anybody. What a country. Who needs Brazil when they're all coming to Miami?

Anonymous said...

His Mansion is being foreclosed on

Local Case Number: 2015-024324-CA-01

owes 1.5 million has not paid his mortgage taxes and HOA since 2011

Whata Country !

Anonymous said...

OY, Your Honor! You see I got this knee operated on just before my scheduled depos of Sept 8th and I can't go to any depos even now because I'm loaded on drugs! Even when I sit it hoits, oy the pain you shouldn't want to know from it. The fact that I knowingly transferred any assets to The Weisbein Trust of which my son & daughter, the doctahs now "control" and you they never, ever listened to me in their whole lives, such a shondah!! I"m living in my 5600 sq ft with the swimming pool and boat dock and I'm so broke, I haven't even paid for my Coral Gables Garbage Fees for a year and a half.
But I got money for the MOT lawyahs, and I'm still suing for the 1 MM that the bastids stole from me when they raided and took everything cause I didn't pay rent for 6 years for CP Motion, the goyim! The Donald's my hero!

Anonymous said...

So much for "all my money." Raymond and his wife ended up filing for bankruptcy protection in FL. Raymond is now working as a realtor. Based upon the posts I have read, Raymond has not changed his antics at all. I have absolute disdain for the man.

Anonymous said...

Ray went to jail in Pa for the same bs. When he got out he moved to Florida, poor Florida!

Anonymous said...

Just noticed, seen his brother Joel on the net, he changed his name to Joel Hart.. Wonder why?
What's up with this family?