Thursday, August 23, 2007

What A Time I Had!

How did that story go?
As a rule I wouldn't have remembered so quickly.
No normal boy could grow in that soil,
the soil that was my family.
A lone sycamore stood in front of our house,
A metaphor for my developing self.
My childless aunt was a walnut tree that bloomed and bore no fruit,
as if some essential life-giving element
were lacking in the soil of her womb.
Hard times for a small boy.
A balding patch of lawn.
A great tranquility.
A great unease.
On our neighbor's lawn, the hedge went wild
and there was a pigeon, of course
(today we'd call it a nuisance)--
if he were still alive
he'd be forty-five years old.

In my forlorn family they were hunting down
small children.
A victim in the thicket.
Summer's swelter blazing as usual.
Evening mowing down shadows, merciless.
They sang me the Songs of Chastisement
between one spanking and the next.
I wouldn't lay my head down
before the first light of day,
the first bird call.

Mornings began with the huckster selling fruit in the back alley:
"Bananas, oranges, pears, lemons, cantaloupes.
Get your bananas here."

I myself died three or four times
in the course of those years.
Not an absolute and lasting death
but a kind of death agony.
A great yearning took hold of me in the lap of night,
powerful soulquakes.

Soul murder.

The years have a way of bringing about changes,
mysterious, cryptic.
I had no trouble remembering that story.
What a time I had!
Too bad that, so close to the ending,
I suddenly lost the ability
to remain sane.


Evydense said...

Hi Gary: We haven't chatted for awhile. Actually, I have a favour/request I'd like to ask of you. I've been planning for sometime to change the layout of my blog page and make it a little snazzier. I've looked at probably over 50 sites (including the ones that claim they provide templates), and the simple truth is that I think yours is one of the nicest out there! It looks so crisp and clean, your colours complement each other, the layout of the boxes is balanced and eye-catching, you've incorporated some interesting features like drop down windows that I'd like to try, etc.

So, here' my question. Do you have any problem if we take an initial copy of your site code, and then using that as the basis, modify and tweak it to make it unique for me? Mel has offered to give me a hand, and I hope to improve my understanding of HTML along the way.

If it's an issue, not to bother, but we certainly would intend to make it look quite different. There are other sites out there, after all (just not as good as yours < smile ! > . Thanks.

Gary Freedman said...

No problem. I'm flattered.