Monday, August 27, 2007

Of Turtles, Peacocks, and Penguins: The Israel/Lebanon War 2006

I knew it was going to happen. It now appears that Israel got suckered into an International Peacekeeping Force in Lebanon that looks more and more like an International Peacekeeping Farce. The UN is having trouble putting together a force of 15,000 troops. Germany has declined to send any troops because of their history of killing Jews. They don't want to be placed in the position of having to shoot at Jewish fighters in the Israeli army. I have a message for the Chancellor of Germany, "Listen lady, you already killed six million Jews. Killing a few more isn't going to matter all that much."

France was supposed to be the vanguard of the international force. They were going to send thousands of troops. They've decided to send only about two- to four-hundred troops. France is concerned about the lack of a clear mandate, the lack of clear rules of engagement. Aren't we all? I have one thing to say about the French. "The hell with them!" Here's a country, France, that hasn't won a decisive victory in war since the days of Napoleon, two hundred years ago, and they're supposed to be defending Israel, a country that has won every war it's ever fought (except for Lebanon). What a joke that is. Charlie Chaplin could make a movie out of this and people would laugh hysterically. I mean, look at the history. The French lost the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. If it hadn't been for American intervention in World War I, they probably would have lost that war. Of course, the French didn't even fight in World War II. They folded quickly to the Nazis. And they got booted out of Indo-China by the Vietnamese in 1954. What a military history the French have! Would you want to be protected by French troops? Give me the Nazi killing machine any day. I'd rather have the Germans protect me than the French.

Two countries that are sending troops are Malaysia and Indonesia, two Muslim countries that don't even have diplomatic relations with Israel. I wonder who's side they'll be on? Need I ask?

UN resolution 1701, a resolution that all sides agreed to, mandated that Hezbollah disarm, and that Hezbollah be forbidden to attack Israel. Now Lebanon has unilaterally changed the rules of the game. Lebanese troops will not be empowered to disarm Hezbollah. Lebanese troops will be forbidden to look for Hezbollah weapons caches. I heard yesterday that even if Lebanese troops see a Hezbollah fighter with a rocket launcher they are not allowed to stop the Hezbollah fighter from firing a rocket at Israel. What a joke!

I think Israel should hold a contest. Contestants would guess when Hezbollah will start attacking Israel again -- a few days from now, weeks, a month, two months? -- and the winner of the contest will win a two-week vacation in Beirut! Or better yet, Teheran.

Speaking of contests, did you hear that the Iranian government is holding a contest. The sponsors of the contest are soliciting cartoons ridiculing the "Myth of the Holocaust." Did you ever hear of such a thing? The President of Iran says the Holocaust is a myth. (Of course, the Iranian president also says that reports that Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons are a myth, so what he means by "myth" is left open to question.) I'm not making this up. Iran is actually holding a "Holocaust Cartoon Contest." The contest drew so much criticism from Europe and the U.S. that the Iranian government renamed the contest, which is now billed as a "freedom of expression" contest -- but the only entries will be cartoons ridiculing the Holocaust. I saw one of the cartoons. It showed the word "IsraeL:" the letter L was in the shape of a boot and the boot was set atop a globe of the Earth. The message being that Israel wants to dominate the world. And what about Iran's imperial ambitions? Another cartoon showed a turtle with a flag of the U.S. emblazoned on its shell. The turtle was laying eggs that had a Star of David on them. Note that one could also have a cartoon showing a turtle representing Iran, laying eggs that represent Hezbollah. IRAN IS A DANGEROUS COUNTRY. Talk about the axis of evil!

Message for President Bush: New Key Ron! The sooner the better. The Iranian government is a fabrication. The Persian entity, the self-proclaimed "Islamic Republic of Iran," is a fabricated government that was built on the shambles of the Shah's Peacock Throne. Reports about the corruption and brutality of the Shah's government are a myth. Iran should be wiped off the map. Iranians should all move to Antarctica; that would be a more suitable location for Iran. Let them exercise their imperial ambitions over the penguins.

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AWESOME POST!!!! Very well said! NEW KEY RON is exactly right! ;o)