Sunday, July 24, 2011

Claudio Grossman

I earned a master's degree in international trade law at the American University Law School in December 1984. Claudio Grossman was my faculty adviser. I also took two courses taught by Professor Grossman, who is now the Dean of American University Law School. He was an exceptionally intelligent and motivated professor of law. He could conduct a law school class without reference to notes or texts. Off the top of his head, in front of the class he would say, "Now the first case . . . In the second case. . . Now if you compare the fifth case with the second case . . ." It was all in his head. He was amazing!!

In the Hasidic community, when a boy shows special intellectual promise he is destined to become a rabbi. In the case of Professor Grossman I am reminded of what the Hasidim say when a boy destined for the rabbinate turns to other pursuits: "What a waste of a fine Talmudic mind!"