Wednesday, December 04, 2013

So What Did Bob Dillon End Up Telling the FBI?

To the FBI Washington Field Office:

There is a possibility that a Pennsylvania-licensed attorney, Robert E. Dillon Esq. (One Penn Center, Suite 750, 1617 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19103 -- telephone no. 215-568-5116), has information regarding my violation of 42 USC 1011, Social Security fraud, a felony.

Robert E. Dillon, Esq. and I worked in adjacent cubicles in the terrace suite at the Washington, DC office of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld in the year 1991 in the months prior to my job termination on October 29, 1991.  As of 1991 Mr. Dillon worked as a full-time paralegal at Akin Gump while he attended law school at night at Catholic University.  Mr. Dillon worked closely with senior attorney David P. Callet, Esq. on toxic tort litigation document production.  My behavior in the year 1991 was described by Akin Gump senior counsel Dennis M. Race, Esq. and my direct supervisor, Chris Robertson as violent, disruptive and bizarre
.  According to Robertson coworkers voiced concerns to her about my working adjacent to them, such were their concerns about my volatility.

Mr. Dillon may have knowledge of the occurrence of events during the period April 8, 1991 to October 29, 1991 affecting my initial right to Social Security benefits.  The Social Security Administration implicitly found that my disability arose during my tenure at the law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld and expressly found that I became disabled and unemployable effective October 29, 1991, adopting facts alleged in a sworn declaration made by Akin Gump management attorneys, Dennis M. Race, Esq. (202 887 4028) and Lawrence J. Hoffman, Esq. (retired).

Mr. Dillon may have information that I did not appear to suffer from a mental illness that would support my right to Social Security benefits.  Mr. Dillon may have information about me tending to show that my initial claim for benefits was a criminal act in violation of 42 USC 1011.

Gary Freedman
Washington, DC

cc:  Robert E. Dillon, Esq.
       David P. Callet, Esq.


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