Friday, November 29, 2013

Peculiar Blog Search -- Former Neighbors

The following blog search is interesting.  Genevieve Topliff and Bernice Stiles were two elderly women who were my next-door neighbors at 3801 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC, for many years -- from the time I moved to 3801 in late August 1983.  Bernice Stiles, a retired FBI employee, died in the 1990s.  Genevieve Topliff (Topi) died at age 90 in about 2000.  Both women raised a young girl named Esther who was born in about 1975.  Both women (together with Esther) seemed to be knowledgable about me possibly through front desk manager, Elizabeth Joyce (born 1930) who lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Elizabeth Joyce worked at 3801 from about 1986 to 2003.

What's interesting about the computer search is that the individual moves on from a search that began with Topliff/Stiles to a search exclusively about me.  Why the interest in me?

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