Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Somebody Just Stumbling Onto My Blog?

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28 Dec09:44:55 AM
28 Dec09:46:28 AM
28 Dec09:47:05 AM
28 Dec09:48:24 AM
28 Dec09:49:08 AM
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28 Dec09:55:35 AM
28 Dec09:57:39 AM
28 Dec09:57:45 AM
28 Dec09:59:06 AM
28 Dec10:00:47 AM
28 Dec10:00:58 AM
28 Dec10:12:52 AM
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31 Dec08:45:22 AM

1 comment:

Gary Freedman said...

It's interesting how searches provide clues.

1. The person only read the first few blog posts.

2. But the person returned on 12/31 after an initial search on 12/28.

Why the continuing interest?

I should work for the NSA!!